Written by Anika

13 Apr 2020

You never asked more than I would give you. When we first went to bed that Thursday afternoon I was scared you would want what I could not give you. I told you you could do anything as long as you did not enter my pussy. I wanted you to but I decided not to disappoint my family and marry a nice professional Indian man. That first day my flatmate, Ella stayed out and you treated me with respect. You made love and I let you enter my bum. I knew you wanted my pussy but you never asked. You were so pleased when I asked Ella to our bed. She gave you what I would not, but you still loved me. I remember the thrill of opening an account here. The excitement of making love on camera and all the men sending personal messages. Then I married Sanjay and I could give you my pussy, but with a condom. I wanted to give you my pussy as Ella give you her pussy. I wanted to give my virginity, but that I had to give to Sanjay. Then when I was pregnant and Sayjay was away I let you have me with no condom. I remember the first party you tool Ella and myself to. The men, who were wished they had two young women. You had two sons with Ella and I wished one was mine. When Sanjay had his affairs I pretended not to know. I wished I could share with him what I shared with you and Ella. I wished he could have come to the parties as you did. I loved you both but Sanjay would never understand and could never watch me with other men. You looked after Ella and me. Now it is too late to say anything. Sanjay brought me to your funeral to support my English friend. Ella can weep in public but I have to hide my feelings. You treated my children as if you were their uncle. You invited us all to your house. I wanted to hug you every time we met but Sanjay would not understand. Goodbye my love I will never forget you.