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"And how I discovered her secrets"
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Kat, my girlfriend had given me to her housemate Emma, but I had still not discovered their biggest secret.  I was about to. It was after a late lunch and two days of fucking them both. "Will you do me a favour?" Kat asked.  "What is it?" "We have a friend who needs someone to take her to a party." "You would like me to take her?" "Yes." Kat produced a photograph, "Do you think she is attractive?" I was not worried about saying yes, but I did wonder just what she was going to ask. She was about 10 years older than me, maybe more. She reminded me of one of my teachers. "Yes she is attractive." "All you have to do is pick her up, take her to the party, treat her like she is the only woman in the room and take her home...and if she invites you in you can stay all night." Was I being handed around? "You said she was attractive, you don't mind, do you darling?" "No, I don't mind." "I knew you would be a sport." I pulled Kat to me, kissed her, pushed my hand down her shorts and felt her pussy still full of my last load. She came once, I pulled her shorts off and poked her. I left a second load in her sloppy cunt. "I think that turned you on?" Kat asked. "Being close to you always turns me on." "..and being close to other women?" "It turns me on." I admitted. Two weeks later Kat drove me to her friends, she gave me £50 for expenses, taxi etc. She never came in, I knocked at the door and introduced myself to Karen. She asked me in and we called a taxi. Karen's hair was up, she wore glasses, a black dress, her neckline was not low. We arrived, sat at a table for 6, and made small talk. There were some whispered glances at Karen and myself. There were a couple of awards given, none for Karen and we left before most. We arrived back, I paid the taxi. I walked Karen to her door, she opened it and I waited like a vampire to be invited in. "Come in." I closed the door, Karen turned to me, "I've never done this before" Karen told me.  "Let me guide you, if there is something you don't like tell me, if there is something you want tell me and if you want me to leave tell me. Is that OK?" She knocked. "Show me your bedroom." She took me to her bedroom,  I unzipped her dress and she moved away to hang it up. I pushed a handful of condoms under a pillow and took my jacket off, all the time watching her as she stripped to a black set of bra, panties and suspenders. I put my jacket on the back of the dressing table chair, pulled my tie off and left it on top. I started to open my shirt when she finished hanging her dress.  I held her shoulders, kissed her neck and told her "You are beautiful, allow me." I let her long hair down, removed her glasses then I released her bra and brushed it over her shoulders. I took a breast in each hand. They were bigger than Kat's but still well shaped. "Delightful " I told her. "Sit down." Kat had shown me how to release the nylons quickly. I rolled each nylon down kissing her legs and finally her toes. "Stand up." I pulled her panties down and released her suspender belt. "Lay back." I began to eat her. She was very wet and surprised me by coming quickly.  "All the way on the bed." As she inched herself fully on to the bed I stripped myself ensuring my shorts came off with my trousers.  By cock sprang out desperate to get at this new pussy. I climbed on the bed next to her, rolled a condom on and slipped into her. She spoke for the first time since we reached her bedroom, "I like that." "Then we will keep doing it." "Please." She raised her body towards me and let out a long "uuhh" I could not believe she came again so quickly, I raised myself on my hands and ground her clit. We both came at the same time. I rolled off, rolled back, kissed her and slipped another condom on. "On all fours." She looked at me but did as she was told. I took her cunt doggy. "Glogeous." She told me as I pounded away. "You are energetic." "All for you Karen." She came twice as I fucked her. I had never known a woman come so quickly. I lay beside her, lightly working her bean. "That was nice." She told me. I kept working her bean till I hardened again and rolled a new condom on. "Again" she asked. "Do you mind?" "Not at all, uuummm." As I slipped my cock into her now rather loose pussy. She came twice more and I dribbled into the condom. We fell asleep. I woke in the middle of the night, Karen was stroking my cock. "What is this for?" "You, if you want it?" "Where are the condoms?"  I reached under the pillow, ripped it open and squeezed it into her hand. She rolled the condom on and sat on me asking. "Do you mind?" "As long as I'm in you." She leaned forward, her tits brushed my chest. "You do have a lovely Cock." There was a short silence. "Sorry" "Cock is fine." I pulled her lips to mine. She came just a moment after I did. She had lasted longer that time. We fell asleep again and woke in the morning to fuck her one last time. She gave me coffee and shredded wheat telling me I needed three. I left and phoned Kat as I walked around the corner. By the time I got to the railway station I was wondering what I had just done. It was nearly midday when I got to Kat's. She met me with a kiss, I wanted her but she put me off, telling me to sit asking for the expense money back. We sat on the sofa, she with her purse on her lap. "Were there any problems?" "None." She put two folds of bank notes on the sofa between us. "Did you do the business?" She was asking if I fucked Karen in her own sweet way. "Yes, we did the business. I left this morning." She put another fold of notes on the pile. "Did you use condoms?"  I was not sure what the right answer was, I gave the honest one. "Yes we did, she never said she did not want to use them." Kat closed the purse and put it down beside her. She crossed her legs. " Did you enjoy? Would you mind taking other friends to parties?" "Yes, I enjoyed Karen. Was she an assignment?" "Yes she was. Is it a problem?" "Not at all." "Pick your money away, all taxes will be paid by me." That was the big secret she had been keeping. "Don't tell anyone." "I will not." "I have an assignment,  but Emma will be back at two. You can stay till then but don't stay the night. You are my boyfriend." We kissed and she went to change. I did not mind her going off to shag some unknown guy, but I did feel jealous that he was having her instead of me. I was going through the TV channels when Emma returned. "You're back then, did you give her a good fucking?" Emma was always freer when Kat was not about. "I fucked her silly." She was in a short grey dress which stretched over her body like an elastic tube.  I stood up and she embraced me. "Want to fuck me silly?" She asked. I bent her over the back of the sofa, pulled her dress up, dropped my trousers and fucked her cunt, when I was finished I fucked her ass.  "Coming upstairs?" She started off ahead of me, her dress still pulled above her waist. Her buttocks swaying on her 3 inch heels.  I pulled my trousers up and followed.  "Are you staying the night?" She said as she pulled her dress off. "Kat asked me not to." "Kat will never know." "But I  will." "Don't you want to fuck me all night, be as dirty as you like?" "I do but not here." "I'll come to your place." So we drove our own cars and spent the night fucking. I have to admit she was always the dirtiest of the pair. Over the next few months I  got more and more assignments. I went on part-time at work and shortly after that moved in with Kat. I had, still have my own room, but spend most of my time in Kat's. The ladies gave me dancing lessons, and lots more. Later we remodelled my flat and it became a location for assignments.  Once I moved in I was free to fuck Emma whenever I liked even when Kat was away.

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