Written by Jane

16 Jun 2020

This is for Dragon. 

I would like to tell you how Simon has tempted me into the dark world of swinging but we have been good, getting no closer than 2 metre to anyone.

So here is a fantasy that Simon and I have. 

Simon opens the door, he is naked and takes me to the bedroom where there is another man also naked, I will call him Dragon. 

I stand by the bed and they take my top off touching and sucking my breast. (Simon says I should say tits.) Sucking my tits. They spend ages just touching and kissing me. I get hot and excited,I want more. I touch their naked bodies. 

They remove my skirt and panties. I feel their hard naked cocks pressed against my naked body. They take turns fingering and kissing me all the time two cock pressed against me. I  try to open my legs so they can get deeper but I have to bend my head up to kiss them.

At last they let me lay on the bed. Simon starts to eat my cunt. (Simon likes it when I say fuck and cunt, but as much as he fucks me I feel he is making love.) Dragon kisses me and sucks my tits. I cum very quickly and Simon allows Dragon to fuck me. This is a fantasy so he fucks without a condom. His big cock pushes into me. My cunt is ready. He fucks and fucks. I cum twice and both times Simon squeezes my hand and kisses me. He smiles, I know he is enjoying seeing me swing. Dragon  cums I feel a big injection of spunk into my cunt.

Dragon kisses me, I kiss Simon and then suck Dragon's  cock. As I suck him Simon starts to fuck me. Simon says I will enjoy spit roast, I  think I will.

I turn over and lay on my back. Simon starts to eat me again, Dragon sucks my tits kisses me and touches my upper body. I cum again. Simon pulls my ass apart and starts to rim me. When he does that I know he will fuck my ass. Dragon reaches down and finger fucks me. Lubricated by the spunk of two men. I cum again.

Simon does not fuck me he tells me to fuck Dragon cowgirl. I sit on him and start to move. Simon kisses me and caresses me. Then he pushes me flat. I kiss Dragon and I feel Simon pushing his cock into my ass. Simon says I will like two cocks at the same time. He says both men feel the other cock. Simon comes, I cum but sit up to swing my cunt around on Dragon's cock. Dragon cums and fall back on the bed. 

Lastly both men start to kiss and I see Simon fuck Dragon. 

Simon and I have talked about this fantasy and he says he knows just who Dragon will  be but I have to wait to find out. He wants it to be a surprise.