Written by Jane

10 May 2020

Lockdown 6

Last night Simon showed me a sex site and he made love to me on camera. We chatted to a couple. This morning I plan to open an account on the site?

It was very easy. I did a Google search and there it was. I logged in and opened my account. The hard bit was choosing my account name. I searched for June and left them a message asking to chat. An hour later my mail told me I had a message. I logged into my account and read my sitemail Mrs June said she was waiting in a private room.

I asked everything I could think of and she told me everything. She told me Simon was very respectful and open minded. He would never force me to do anything. He would take me to the very highest pleasure. I said I knew he liked men. She told me Mr June liked men. We talked about that then we talked about lesbianism. She asked me lots of questions. She told me Simon liked words like cock, fuck, cunt and ass in bed.

When we finally finished it was 4 PM. I sent a friend request to Simon on the site and logged out. I had time to get the ingredients for tonight's dinner in a one pot and for a shower while it cooked.

I was clean and thinking about Simon making me dirty and sticky and I washed my pussy more than I heeded to. Pussy, my cunt, if Simon liked cunt I can call it that. I wished Simon had his cock in my cunt. I rubbed it leaned against the wall, hot water cascading over me and my soapy hand. Only a few hours and it will be his cock. Why do I do that, I just want the real thing.

We had dinner and bed and his yummy cock. For 5 day he lead the way, now it was my turn. I told Simon to log into his account and asked him who the new friend request was. He looked, it was my picture. He looked at me and I told him I wanted to fuck on camera. I think I surprised him. I want you to open lots of rooms. He did and I signed on going into the biggest room, put the camera on and told Simon to open my camera.

We were all set. Lay down I told him. No the other way so they can see my tits. I sat on him, used my phone to close up my cunt, spunk leaking. I held his cock, making sure my phone showed his Cock go in. I looked at the big TV. The watches count started to go up and Simon started to get PMs I lifted myself and his cock slid out. I could see him going in and out of me on the big TV. I read the comments.

What a pussy

Wish I was fucking her

Can I fuck her

I tossed the phone away and moved. Sometimes looking down at Simon sometimes the comments on the site. Simon lay there, his hands on my legs, he told me he liked me like this. He burst in me then I let myself cum. I picked up the phone and gave them a close up of my cunt and Simon's cock leaving me. I feel beside Simon panting.

We switched the cameras off and talked about what we did. Talked about if they were in the room.if they could touch me. If they could Fuck me. I said we could start with June.

Over the next week we sometimes fucked on camera with June and they fucked for us. Once we did it for everyone but it was not like the first time.

Our plans for the future? They are not the same as that first night when I let Simon in my bed. I am really looking forward to the end of COVID.