Written by Jane

18 Apr 2020

This will be my fifth night with Simon. I will make dinner in his flat, and I know that all I will be thinking about is Simon taking me to bed.

That is what happened. We made dinner together. He chopped veg. I watch his skillful hands and thought about them working their magic on my pussy. We ate dinner, I wished dinner was over and we were in bed. I tried not to hurry and wished he would eat faster. Then he could eat my pussy!

Finally he finished and we went to his bed. I let him undress me, I let him discover what I had under my dress, nothing! He knelt in front of me and kissed my pussy. I sat on the bed and opened my legs. He stepped back, stripped naked and kiss my pussy, then he did far more. Sat on the edge of his bed, his head between my legs, his tongue rolling over my clitoris darting in and out and licking again. He was on his knees pleasuring me without any thought of himself. I waited for that spreading tingle but this time it never came, my orgasm came as a shock. It just happened and when it did I pulled his head hard into me, I gasped, then he was fighting to free his head. He stood up, smiled and kissed me. I licked his face tasting my pussy on his face. I was breathing heavily when he pushed me flat on the bed. He lifted my legs, feet each side of his head. He held his hard manhood, guided it towards my pussy and pushed it into me. Each thrust was deep and forceful, I felt him firmly against the front of my Virginia. I could not move, my legs were trapped in his grasp. All I could do was enjoy his manhood thrusting into me. This time heat grew, I tingled and just when I came so did he with 3 even harder thrusts. He let my legs go and he left me. I knew I was leaking, staining his bed again. 'Give me some space' he said.

I pulled myself to the center of the bed and he climbed on. He was not finished. He licked at my leaking pussy allowing me to pleasure his cock. This time I got him to orgasm first, and I drank it down. He turned around and his fingers finished me. Kissing as my body felt my third orgasm.

We both lay panting without talking. I do not know for how long.

'Do you still want two men to fuck you.' He asked

'If you are one of them'

'O I want to be one of them, yes.' He kissed me. 'I want to show you something.'

Simon picked up a computer keyboard from the side of the bed and switched the big TV on. He logged on to a website and then entered a chat room. He showed me how to look at cameras after finding a small room called mfm. There were three cameras, I turned them all on. They were all men, all of penis.

'There is lots of that.' He took the keyboard and created a new room and made some text messages on his phone. Soon the room had 2 more users. Both had their camera on. 'That should be better.' He handed the keyboard back.

Jay….hi there Simon (his camera was of his face)


June...hi how are you ( on the camera was a woman)

Jay...hi June nice tits

June…..( a hand held June's breast, she had a loose top on.

June was a couple and her husband joined her on camera.We chatted for a bit. ' do you like Jay?' Simon asked.

'No, not him.'

'Not a problem. What about June?'

'Can we talk with them'

Simon opened a new room and invited June. We chatted then June asked if they could see me. I pulled the sheet up and a pillow across my breasts. Simon put the camera on.

June…..she's lovely Simon

Me….thank you

June...how long have you been swinging

I looked at Simon, 'am I swinging?'

'Not yet, but you're thinking about it.' He kissed my check. 'I'll put the sound on.

The four of us chatted then Mrs June asked if I would like to see them play. I looked at Simon and said yes.

Mr June took Mrs June's top off and they started to touch. I could see Simon hard under the sheet. Mrs June started to suck Mr June's cock.I reached Simon's cock.He kissed me. Mrs June stopped and Mr June entered her on the sofa. I stroked Simon's manhood. We both watched June. We could hear them. It looked more real that the open a few nights before and I had started to get to know them.

Mr and Mrs June sat up and asked if we enjoy? I took my pillow away and Simon kissed my breasts. I looked at the TV watching them watch us. It turned me on. Being seen as Simon worked his magic. Simon pulled back the sheet and hid his head between my legs. I knew I was about to cum. 'Not yet I want you in me.' I got on all fours and looked at the TV as Simon entered me.I was so turned on. The orgasm was almost missed. I still do not believe I let Simon do that on camera.

Mrs June said thank you and asked if it was my first time. It was. We chatted and then they left.

'Do you feel like a swinger now.'

'I must be.' Gave him a huge kiss and turned the TV off. We lay down but I was thinking of what I had just done.

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