Written by Jane

17 Apr 2020

Lockdown 4

The fourth night went well. We had dinner and I wondered if he would introduce me to something new. He produced the vibrator we had used the night before and a string of beads. I wondered what the beads were for.

First we made love. Simon took his time as he always took his time. He never entered me before I came. He was so careful to please me.

Simon used the vibe skillfully, managing to kiss me while he teased me pussy. Once I came the first time he produced the string of beads and pushed each one into my bum. Then he started to make love. His hands searched my body, then he slipped his manhood inside me. With each thrust into my pussy I felt the beads in my bum. Slowly my excitement built, just as I came he pulled the beads from me. It was amazing and so intense. I had never felt anything like it before. He did not stop. He picked up the vibrator, licked and sucked my pussy while gently probing my bum with the vibrator.

When he finally finished with me I was quivering, begging him to stop. Not because I wanted to, because every muscle in my body ached. He stopped, 'That was so good, but I'm exhausted. I wish I was not. That was amazing. You are amazing.' I told him and I promised myself that I would never say no to him unless I tried it once and did not like it.

We curled up and fell asleep. It took me ages to get my breathing under control and I wonder if he could do that to me again.

In the morning I offered to make dinner at his place each night. His bed was bigger and he was introducing me to his toys. I was looking forward to it.

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