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Expanding friendships

"Our new 4sum"
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It was 6 weeks into our renewed relationship and things had become intense, so intense that I spent a week working from her home. Up till then we spent weekends, first in hotels then her place and once at mine. They followed the same routine, a passionate fuck session, a catch up on the week, who we had been to bed with if anyone and then a more relaxed session of love. Depending on the time we would eat or go for a walk. Sometimes we would look at the site, but we never went further than camming in a private room. We did talk about seeing others together but agreed that we would not ask anyone we had already been to bed with. Carol wanted us both starting from the same place. It was when I was staying at Carol's that we got around to arranging a meeting with another couple. We chatted, Carol did most of the chatting, she selected a couple and I got to OK them. We arranged to meet them at a hotel the following weekend. We sat in the bar, Carol placed her purse on the table, there was nothing in it other than the room key, its real purpose was to identify us, it had an orange flower on it to match her flower pattern dress with a plunging neckline. "Carl and Roger I presume." "Dave and Jane?" "We are, hi." Jane replied. She wore a yellow dress,a square neck and halter keeping it up. Dave, like me, had an open neck shirt. I stood up, "Would you like a drink?" Dave and I fetch soft drinks, leaving the ladies to chat. We looked back at them while we waited for our drinks. They seemed to be getting on well. We returned to the table and chatted about the lady's dresses, how appealing they both were. Jane excused herself and Carol went with her. "Why do women go to the toilet together?" Dave asked. "To plot, when they come back we will know what is going to happen." Dave laughed, "Are you up for a full swap?" "Condoms, anal if you are lucky. I imagine we will be told when they get back." "Jane loves her backdoor serviced." "Sounds like we may have fun." The ladies returned, "Drink up boys." Carol encouraged. Trying not to look to egure, we drank up and found our way to the room. "Be nice to Carol Dave, this is her first meet." Jane instructed. Then she place her arms around my neck and began to sway. I put my arms around her waist, pulled her to me and began to sway to her rhythm. I felt the warmth of her body, and we began to kiss. She must have felt my cock against her. I glanced at Carol who was in a similar embrace. Hands started to wonder, zips and buttons opened. Flesh appeared. A sound from Carol made me look but she was enjoying a finger. We were all next to naked. I pulled Jane's knickers off and devoured her pussy. When I came up Jane had cum, Carol tossed a condom at me and I put it on. Standing at the side of the bed I rolled the condom on, discarded the foil and slipped into her. Her pussy was hot and I almost missed Carol pulling Dave to her and demanding "Fuck me!" I could not have missed her words. Carol took him on top of her. I watched him pounding her for a moment then returned my full attention to Jane. I have to admit I know Jane and Carol spoke to each other as we fucked them, but I don't remember what. What I do remember is Jane her mouth open, her tits rocking, her cunt hot and wet, my balls were wet. Her cunt hair was just a short landing strip that tickled my nose when I ate her. Dave came first but he did the decent thing and tongued Carol, Carol and Jane came almost together and I bought up the rear. I could tell Carol was very happy with Dave, he gave her a good time. We took are own partners back. "I think you enjoyed that?" I whispered to Carol. "I know you did." She whispered back. "Do you want him to have your bum?" "Is he allowed?" Is he allowed, I thought, Carol wants me to give her permission. I was a little surprised by that "He can." I told her. I finger fucked her till she came, saving my cock for Jane. "Tell Dave where you would like his cock." "Dave, Roger says you can have my back hole." She pulled Dave to her and snogged him. When Dave managed a few words "Jane likes a cock up there." That set the tone for the next round. Face down on the bed being rimmed then Dave and I facing each other fucking their back doors. We took a rest, the conversation going to anal sex and how enjoyable it was. Then round three, we left Cum in our own partners,then swapped and ate pussy, that was Carol's idea. We asked them to stay the night, considering it was going to be just a social meet, things had gone very well. They stayed, there was fun in the morning. We agreed we should meet again but you will have to wait to see what happened. By the time they left there was over a dozen condoms on the floor.

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