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"How we met and got back together"
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I don't know how I got talked into it, but my cousin Clive talked me into a walking holiday. We never had much kit, just some dodgy sleeping bags we used to sleep in the back garden when we were kids and a globetrotter gas stove. We stuffed it into a couple of backpacks and set off for two weeks. We were walking from pub to pub, had no intention of using the sleeping bags but I insisted I did not want to be trapped on a mountain side. It was Tuesday when it happened, whiteout. Call it fog or low cloud. It is dangerous when you can't see 5 ft and there are long drops around. We knew there was a bothy not far. All we had to do was find it and wait for the weather to clear. As we headed for where we thought it was we saw two figures. As we got closer we discovered two women about our age. They wanted to know the way down to the village but we talked them into holding up with us. We hoped the weather would clear before long. We introduced ourselves, Clive, Roger, Carol and Helen. The ladies were worried when we pulled water from the little beck, but we were high up the mountain and we boiled the water. Helen looked at the coffee suspiciously but drank it. Time was getting on so we added some hot water to some dehydrated packets. We took turns with forks and spoons eating out of the packets. It was beginning to get dark and the weather was not clearing. It was time to think about sleeping. There were two beds with thin rubber mats. We had our sleeping bags but the ladies did not. We offered to share our sleeping bags, but they declined. I started to strip off, "What are you doing?" "Getting ready for bed." They turned around. Clive kept his y fronts on, I never. The cold damp air crept into the cabin but I found it OK in the sleeping bag. "It's cold." Helen said. "You can get in here with me." There were some whispers and Helen announced "OK but no funny business." I could see two figures stripping in the almost dark cabin. Helen climbed into bed dressed in a bra and panties. I reached over her. "What are you doing?" "Closing the zip." "O OK." We were nose to nose, she riggelled and turned over, we were laying as spoons in a drawer. "Do you have to do that?" "Do what?" "Put that thing on my back." "Take it as a compliment." There were noises from the other bed. "Are they doing it?" Helen whispered so quietly I could hardly hear. "Yes." I replied, as quietly. Helen riggelled around again. She held that thing that was in her back. I opened her bra and took a handful. We kissed, I pulled her panties aside and slipped the thing she was complaining about into her, she was not complaining anymore. It was difficult to move so I ground her shaved pussy more than banged her. She stuck her tongue in my ear, panted and bit my ear as she came. I was not finished with her and kept grinding till I came flooding her. Carol whispered as if her parents were in the next room. "Have you done it?" "Yes, haven't you?" Helen replied just as fearful of someone hearing. "No." Soon there were noises from the other bed. It was the first time I have had sex in a room with others and I was hard again, I did not waste it. She was sloppy and I knew the sleeping bag was getting wet. Helen came again biting my other ear. I made a mental note to avoid missionary. I refilled her. "Where is the toilet?" Helen asked. I rummaged for my torch, pointed it at the spade by the door and told her not to dig too close to the stream. Helen unzipped the bag and stood in the torchlight pulling her panties off and putting her coat on. She had a good figure to look at as well as feel. Carol went with her. "How was your's." Clive asked then added something about butter and a good fuck. "They are very pleasant." They came back shining the torch in my eyes as they came back to bed. "Helen?" I asked as she climbed back into bed, she was freezing. She snuggled in and I did my best to warm her. "Carol." She confirmed my suspicion. My cock hardened. We did not zip the bag up. There was more room to move. Every time I raised my ass cold air rushed into the bag, but her body was soon hot, so was I. She came just before me. "You're the best." She told me as we lay together in the bag. We fell asleep. In the morning I woke to a hand on my hard cock, we were spooning. Carol guided me to her back hole and I accepted the invitation. I eased into her and her hand reached back to pull my buttock to her. I filled her. I deflated and she turned around. It was still dark,there were noises from the other bed. Clive complained of a bite. As light came we made porridge with water. The whiteout hung around for 2 more hours. We washed in the little bowl of lukewarm water. It was strangely arousing watching them wash our deposits from between their legs. Then washing our cocks. Carol gave me a blow job, I guess Helen felt obliged to give Clive one. We walked down to the village. The innkeeper was glad to see the girls as they did not sleep in their room. The next five days we spent walking, shagging in the more remote hills and in bed at night. The beds in the inn were far more comfortable. We swapped back and forth I kept Helen away from my ears. We kept in touch, we met twice more the following two years. The last time was a villa in the sun. That year Clive got mad that Helen slipped away and got fucked. I had not heard from Carol for 6 years, then out of the blue I got an email then we exchanged a few messages and arranged a weekend. It was a chain hotel not far from some walks. I took Friday off and got there before check in, but I got booked in. I sent Carol the room number '37 xxx' and took a shower. Carol arrived at four, I was reading in the bar drinking coffee. Her ponytail was gone, her hair rolled back and hugged her face. She wore a shiny jumpsuit. ABBA jumped to mind. I took her largest bag and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she responded by crushing her lips to mine. "We need to get to the room." I agreed with her and led the way. She dropped her bag in the corner and I dropped her other bag alongside. We looked at each other for a moment then passions clashed. She rubbed my cock, still covered by trousers, I pulled the zip of her jumpsuit down. She tugged at my belt and thrust her hand into my trousers. I pushed her jumpsuit off her shoulders, she released my cock just long enough to free herself and fell to her knees to take it into her mouth. I reached down with both hands undid her bra. God she was always good at playing the flute. "Bed." I told her. She held up her jumpsuit and threw herself on the bed. I freed myself of my trousers and tugged at her jumpsuit. Her shoes came off with it. I descended on her pussy just noticing the new addiction, Winnie the Pooh dipping his hand towards her honeypot and a couple of bees. No time to admire her tattoo, I started to lick at her honey. I thrust my tongue into her and she opened her legs wide. I wanted her, I jammed my cock in her, she was wet horny and I met no resistance. I hammered away at her. I was afraid I would cum too soon but she was equally enthusiastic, we came together. "I'm sorry, I should have asked if we needed condoms." I apologised. "We never have." She responded, playing with my balls. "I know but it has been years." "Too many years. I should have asked before." I never answered, or rather my answer was my face in her honeypot. She came 3 times to tongue and once more to cock. We caught up with the last few years over glasses of wine. Helen had got married, her husband while Helen was pregnant tried it on and Carol let him. She never enjoyed him and Helen started to move in new circles. They don't see each other much. Carol had a number of boy friends but none shared her that they knew of. I had a few girlfriends, some I did share, some I took to clubs. I had not seen Clive in 4 years. "He was never as good as you." She kissed me and we started over. I took a little more time, refreshing my memories of her switches and more personal areas. She was right we had left it too long. Nearly an hour later we came up for air and dinner. Over dinner we reminisced over our 4sum. We took little notice of the couple at the next table. She said she was exceedingly excited by the experience but surprised she even got in the sleeping bag. "Would you like to do it again?" I asked her. "Yes, I would." She said almost excitedly. There was a tut tut from the next table. We both burst out laughing. Back in the room we made love reminding each other of our past encounters as we did, of Helen and Clive. I repeated my question, "Would you like to swap with another couple." "Yes, but I would have to like them." "Why did you get in bed with Clive and then me?" "We were cold." "Why did you get in bed with me?" I knew I was pressing her. "It was Helen's idea." "But you enjoyed it so much you want to do it again?" "Yes if we met them and we all liked each other." "Let me show you something." I logged on to the site, and let Carol search the chat rooms. "Men wanking and looking for cheap thrills." She commented. "That's part of it. There is more to it." "Really?" She said with disbelief. "I'll prove it." We created a couples account and agreed on wording for some ads. Back in the bed Carol exhausted me and we fell asleep. In the morning we satisfied each other and had breakfast. We went for a walk and found a fallen tree in a quiet spot. Yes I bent Carol over the tree and had my wicked way with her. We walked back through town and passed a sex shop. "You said you would try a 4sum, have sex with others in the room, fuck me and others." "If I like them." "Would you have sex with me on camera so others can see." "Not if they can see my face." "That is why we need masks." "Hot!" So we did the whole shop, found masks and purchased them. Carol was a little red as we left. We had lunch, afternoon sex, a walk, dinner and then we logged into the couples account. Carol did all the typing, we set up a private room and invited about a dozen couples. We stripped off and I fondled her breast as she typed. I put the mask on her and myself. "Sure?" I asked her. "I'm sure, have me, let them all see." I switched the camera and sound on. I Placed the tablet where I hoped it would get a good view, then ignored it. I started with kisses then a hand on her pussy that is when I knew she was enjoying it. She kissed me back savagely. I pushed my finger into her, and she screamed "O YES." I moved to eat her pussy, "no in me, I want you in me." I obliged fucking her knowing her excitement was elevated by the knowledge we were being watched. I took her with hard fast long thrusts, hammering her pussy. She came, I was nowhere near, her pussy was sopping it was not all the remainder of afternoon activity. She came again very vocally and finally I managed to spill into her. "That was so good. Do it again." So I did. She came again, I filled her again. Before I left her I whispered, "I'm going to do something very crude. I'm going to show them my spunk in your cunt. Say no if you don't want me to. Cover Pooh." "Show them my cunt." That surprised me the use of the word cunt. Carol pulled her lips apart and covered her tattoo. I pointed the tablet at the evidence of our depravity. "You look gorgeous my love." I gave the tablet to Carol. "That is so dirty." She read the comments and picked a few couples to chat to. She, we became friends with 2 couples but more asked. We turned the tablet off. "I don't believe we did that." "We did, but we don't have to do it again." "O yes we do." "Do we?" "I want to." "Then we will. I like you dirty and crude but I like you loving and sweet." "There is a time for both. A time to love and a time to fuck." Carol confirmed. We put the tablet away and made love. Sunday we made love, I think that is when I knew Carol was more than another lady. We had breakfast, went for a walk, fuck where we could have been discovered but were not. We had lunch in a pub and walked back to the hotel. Carol read and answered some messages on the site. The rest of the day was ours, no site. Monday morning was rushed, a quick fuck, breakfast, another quick fuck and a promise to it over again.

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