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Another ride

"At her place"
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We had just avoided being caught shagging in the stables, I was now giving Kat a ride home. The top was down on my car. Kat's hat was in the foot well, her hair was loose, blowing in the wind. She reached her hand to my crouch. "I'm trying to concentrate." "Spoil sport." She withdrew her hand, "I hope you don't think I'm easy." "I don't think anything of the sort." "Really? Turn left here." The house was larger than I imagined, later I discovered it was 4 bedrooms. We went in the side entrance, "Help me with my boots." I tugged at her boots when I stood, she had pulled her blouse off, she carelessly tossed it towards a bin by the washing machine. Her naked breasts were right in front of me. I resisted the urge to grab them. "What would you like to drink? Tea , coffee, something cold or stronger." She walked into the kitchen, I followed. "Shoes please." I took my shoes off and followed her. "You never said, whisky, gin, vodka?" "I'm driving, orange juice is fine." "Do you have to be somewhere?" "No where." "I would offer you a seat, but we are covered in horse hair. You could have vodka in the orange if you stayed the night." "A screwdriver, am I staying the night?" Kat looked at me, tipped her head on one side, "if you want to, why haven't you grabbed my tits?" "It's not the right time." "When is the right time?" "We will know." Kat looked thoughtful, "Handsome, a good horseman, knows when and when not, and drives well. Screwdriver." She offered me my drink. "Thank you." "I'll show you around, that's Emma, she lodges here but she's away." Kat pointed at a picture. She gave me a quick tour of downstairs, then we went up, no tour of upstairs, just "That's Emma's room, this is mine." She walked in. "Help me." She started to peel her jodhpurs off her thighs, I took hold and pulled, turning them inside out. She was on the bed, her sensible knickers, covering her pussy. I never got a proper look at it in the stables. She sat up, stood up, and started to undo my shirt. I touched both shoulders as she continued to work her way down my shirt, then belt and fly. She pulled everything down in one movement. My cock sprang out. "Free at last." She commented. I sat her back on the bed, we kissed, lay together and my hands searched her arms, moved down to the thighs, back up her side, over her tits. I never had a chance to fully appreciate her body at the stables, that was a lust driven rushed fuck. My hands worked back down her sides, all the time kissing her. Hands on her hip, over her pussy, just over and away again. She kissed harder, opened her legs. My hands back over her breast, then all the way down, off with her nickers. I never had to go deep; she was moist. My lips followed my hand. She was sweaty, salty, full of Cum and a heavy scent. She was delicious. Her pussy was ultra smooth, my chin on her clit and my tongue penetrated her. I pulled her legs further apart and buried my head deeper in her pussy. I counted her cums, one, two, three. I turned and slipped my rampant cock into her soaking pussy. Her body rose to meet my cock. I was on her, she paused, for a moment I thought she was about to say no, then she opened her mouth, bent her head back pushed her little tits into my body, pulled my body to her and pushed her cunt onto my cock. My balls slapped against wet spill. I pumped, and pumped. I wished I could keep fucking her all afternoon but it was no good, I filled her, still rock hard I kept pounding her, cum spread between us, she came again totally without any inhabission. I filled her again this time I deflated. I moved off her, but still wanting her, I fingered her. She was hot and sloppy. She came again, pulled my hand to her face, licked my fingers. As she sucked my fingers I plugged my refreshed cock into her, she was full, stretched and the best fuck I ever had to that time. Finally, it ended, we were both hot and exhausted, slick with salty perspiration. We stayed there, I am not sure how long, we took a shower. Together. "I have your favourite for dinner." She told me as she handed me a tin of beans and popped bread in the toaster. "Who told you this?" "Your sister, what's the best wine with this?" "Some kind of red I suspect, but I've not had this in years...has Jackie been matchmaking?" "Something like that, there's wine in that cupboard." She pointed as she stirred the beans, "There is cheddar in the fridge." The toaster popped,"Not too much butter for me,I have to watch my figure." "You do not have to watch your figure. Leave that to me." "That's sweet." Kat poured hot beans over the freshly buttered toast and dropped a large handful of cheddar on my beans and just a suggestion on her own. "Come on, bring the wine." We sat at the table, her in shorts, me in my underwear, drinking wine with beans on toast. "I think this is the first time I've had wine with beans on toast, or with a beautiful lady." "You've never had wine with a woman?" She smiled, she was teasing. "Beans on toast, with a woman." I smiled back. "So what have you had with women?" I had to think about that, "Everything from picnics to...most things." "Would you like dessert?" "I'm good thank you." We moved to the sofa with our second glass of wine and bottle. We talked almost naked, I felt at home with her. We learnt a little about each other, she had a head start on me, my sister had told her a lot, most of it out of date. Kat took a sip of her wine and lay her head on my lap. My hand fell naturally to her breast. Small, but perfectly formed. She lay there not making a sound, my hand wandered over her breast, the other over her hair, she smiled up at me. Her nipples raised, she let out a hmmmm. I wanted to kiss her, but that was just not possible. My hand went south into her shorts, her pussy out of reach. She leapt up, pulled her shorts off and sat on my lap. She gave me an open mouthed kiss, her tongue danced against mine. Her legs parted, she laid back in my arm kissing while the other hand worked her pussy. First her mound, then her soft folds and clit. Somehow her sounds of appreciation did not interrupt her kisses. My cock hard and uncomfortable trapped below her. Her arm was around my neck when her hips started to press back no longer accepting, but demanding. I swear she almost broke my teeth when she came, once then she stopped kissing, I never stopped working her pussy. She slipped off my lap, her arms still around me. She let out a uh as she came again. "Your turn." She rolled off me onto the floor and tugged at my underwear, my cock sprang out "look at that." She descended on my cock, I felt my bell hit the back of her throat. Her head bounced and her tongue wrapped around my cock. I came into her mouth, she made a big show of it in her mouth then swallowed it. She sat on her ankles looking at me. "Stay there,lay on the sofa." She did, I took her doggy. "Do you ever go soft?" She asked as I pushed into her. "When you don't need me." "O I need this." I pulled out, cum leaking from her, "Bed" she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of the stairs. On her bed she took me cowgirl. She kept working, her tits out of reach, when reached for them she pushed me back onto the bed. She came once before I did and deflated. She lay beside me. " Do you watch porn?" She asked. "Not in years." I told her, "do you?" "No, but most men do. Not even after your girlfriend left?" "Not for years." "Have you been wanking?" "Yes" I admitted. "Do you have toys?" "Do you want to play with them?" "I'd rather play with you." "Another day then." "Another day, yes." I realised this was going to continue. We spent the night sleeping, waking up, having sex and sleeping again. It was more exhausting than the horse ride. In the morning we had breakfast and she asked if she could visit my place on Monday….but that's another story.

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