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A nice ride

"and another ride"
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I never imagined what was about to start when my sister asked me to accompany her friend on a horse ride, and my sister still does not know. Kat, her name was Katherine but everyone knew her as Kate or Kat. Thinking about it not everyone knew her as Kat. I had met her at my sister's birthday party. My then girlfriend got upset when Kat offered to pour tea asking "Shall I be mother?" I never thought anything but my girlfriend did. That was a few months before and at least a month since my girlfriend ran off. I did notice her at the party in a dress, but today Kat was in tight jodhpurs and knee length riding boots, topped off with a white almost see through blouse, a yellow silk cravat and riding hat. It put my genes and trainers to shame. It was the first time I had been riding with her but not the last. We saddled up the horses, she stood by her horse. I did the gentlemanly thing and offered her my cupped hands. Slightly bent, I was close to her breasts and her very pleasant scent. She put her boot in my hands and propelled herself into the saddle. We walked our horses out of the yard and she lead the way along the narrow path to the gallops. She broke into a trot and her thighs power her out off the saddle at the rhythm of the horse's motion. Her tight bum did not go unnoticed in her clinging jodhpurs and the sun shone through her translucent top confirmation of my suspicion, no bra. My cock hardened. When we reach the open ground she urged her horse first to a canter, then a gallop. I kept pace. We approached an old fallen tree. I guided my horse away from it, but she took the jump at a gallop. She pulled her horse up, "Don't you jump?" "I do." "Come on then." She turned her horse, urged it forward and took the tree expertly, showing her rump as she rose out of the saddle, reducing the shock of landing for both her and the horse. I followed her over the jump. "Not bad." she said as I came to her side, then she was back over the jump. I followed again, my horse adjusted his step and we were over again. Kat never stopped; she was galloping away with just one look over her shoulder to see if I was following. I was gaining on her as she pulled up before reaching the road. "You ride well,'' I told her. "You're not bad, I think I'll have to see how good." We walked along the road, then broke into a canter as we reached a softer track under the trees, then galloped across the open ground. Both horses were sweating to the point of white froth. We pulled up as we ran out of open ground. We walked the horses back towards the yard. I noticed Kat's blouse was hugging her body, her efforts of the ride had moistened her blouse, it was clinging to her and I could see nipples raising from her round breasts. "Enjoying it?" She asked. I was certain she was not talking about the ride, well not the ride we had almost finished. I was not certain enough. "Yes, exhilarating." The horses were cool by the time we reached the yard. We unsaddled them, brushed them down and released them into the field. They rolled in the dust. We gathered the tack and took it to the tack room. As we hung the bridles my arm brushed her tit. "I knew you were interested." I went for it. Took her bridle, hung it up. She took her hat off, her long hair fell loose. I pulled her to me, felt her hard nipples against me. Kissing her, she opened her mouth. My cock hardened again, I put my hand in my pocket to straighten it. She undid my trousers, I managed to open her jodhpurs, started to pull them down. On the ride I enjoyed their tight fit now I cursed the fit. Kat was as horny as me. We both grabbed, pushed and pulled. The jodhpurs trapped her legs together. I pulled a few horse blankets off a shelf, dropped them on the work table and bent her over it. "That's my arss." I pulled back, pushed my cock lower and pushed forward. I was in her. I wanted to be deeper but at that moment just fucking her was enough. Oh God no I thought, don't cum yet cock. I came, but I was still rock hard, I banged away. She came, I still banged away at her. Then someone was coming, it was neither of us. "We can't be caught!" She was frantic. "Get dressed." She turned around, and wriggled herself back into her jodhpurs. As I pulled my genes up,I noticed little tits again. I turned, stepped outside and started to delay my mother. Kat joined us, the only indication of anything happening was horsehair on her chest. She was drinking from a can. "Can you give me a lift home?" "I can go that way." I informed her hoping it was more than a lift she wanted.

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