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The Island is open

"and so are the ladies"
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The Island is opening again. We have 3 couples now, all booked in for months. The last couple stayed in our flat on the mainland for 4 days. The double vaccination. Authenticated and tested every day. We were back to using condoms with guests, and I had had sex with the first wife. I had not seen the latest husband, he was reported to be in his 70s and working his way through all the ladies. His wife Anna spent most of her time by the pool. A few of the staff chatted to her but she had never did more than lay in the sun. 3 days after her arrival on the island I was returning from my checks on the water purification plant. Anna was on one of the bed, we call them sun beds, but they are for fucking. She was in her 40s and spoke with a strong Russian accent. "Good morning" "Hi, are you enjoying the sun?" "I've seen you come down here each morning." "Are you stroking me?" "I was but you are on duty?" "My duties are fluid, as long as I complete them each day." "You're on duty." She put her finger in my waistband, pulled and let it snapback. I rolled my shorts down, "I'm not on duty." "...and you have a hard one." "I do!" I sat on the bed, Anna held my cock. I kissed her, she told me she liked me. She asked me to tie her to the bed. "Tie be, eat me and fuck me, then you can do what you want." I used the silk to tie her like a starfish. "Eat me and fuck me." So I did. She was hairy, no spunk in her, I half expected her husband's load. "Does he fuck you?" "Everyday for a year, but since we came here everyone but me." "Some take advantage of this island and forget about home base." Anna looked confused, "Home base, oh, eat me and fuck me." I buried my face in her pussy, she started talking dirty, she pulled against the silk ropes, her words were punctuated by sounds normally reserved for open movies. I figured she came 3 times. I climbed abroad, just remembering to condom up. Her body was hot, well tanned and she had kept it fit. As her body bounced on the bed under me she pulled against the silk. I surprised myself when I discovered how much I enjoyed she body strapped down. I came as she did. "Anything?" "Anything you want." I left her arms tied, but released her ankles. I pulled on another condom, lifted her legs and pushed into her ads. "Oooo dirty boy. I said anything, I never thought that." "You said anything, but all you have to say is stop." "Fuck it baby, hard and fast." I hammered her watching her boobs rock. All the time she told me she liked it and made her noises. I filled the condom pulled out and let her legs down. I untied her, hopping for another insertion, but she dismissed me. "I'll be here tomorrow."

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