Written by aladinsane4u

8 Jan 2011

To cut to the chase so to say, my wife and her friend go out quite regular every other Saturday evening

Kaz has told me about these two guys in the bar they go to keep chatting them up and buying them drinks, she said the other night after a few too many her friend Liz started to kiss the guy she was dancing with, before she knew it this guy had his hands all over her before long they went missing for half an hour when she came back they left for a taxi, liz told her she let the guy go down on her and she went down on him nothing else happened.

Me and Kaz have always had an open relationship even after we were married we still like to spice things up we`ve both had nights away with others etc, anyway after she told me I said how did you feel, she said very horny wishing it were her, so I said why don’t you let the other guy have his fun, to which she replied yeah think I might, she went out again with liz and did`nt get home until early hours of the morning, she climbed into bed and started to cuddle up, she whispered in my ear I have a surprise for you, before I could ask what she grabbed my hand thrust it between her legs and I got a hand full of warm spunk, she said she let the guy fuck her behind the club against the bonnet of a car after he fingered her went down on her she lay back on the car as he licked her to an orgasm before he pushed her head down onto his cock to suck him off which she said she did eagerly taking his full length in almost immediately, she said while licking and sucking his balls he nearly came in her face showering her hair with his spunk, he then bent her over the bonnet of the car started licking her again getting her even wetter than she was before thrusting his now hard cock up her stabbing her hard and fast against the car, she let out a scream as she cum again, thinking he was nearly finished he turned her over lifting both legs high up thrusting his hard cock into her while sucking her tits, before coming in her filling her wet cunt to the brim, before dropping her off at the end of the road.

Obviously I licked her dry before fucking her and filling her wet cunt with my hot cum, she did`nt know where liz went that night but has promised me a threesome with them both if she can persuade liz yum yum yum cant wait will keep you`s up to date.