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The club

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I'm not sure who suggested going to a club but we went one Friday night. After booking in we changed, took the 3 condoms from the lockers and went into the bar. We opted for a wrapped round towel,  Sara covering her breasts Jenny just covering her lower half.  I few single men eyed them up. One even said hi. We chatted to him but we were waiting for a couple. Andy and Jan arrived,  we introduced ourselves.  The girls gave us the nod and we suggested a private room. There was a glass wall but no one could enter the room. We told them we were a 4sum and suggested the two girls look after Andy and we look after Jan. No one said they had boundaries, but it was to be safe sex. We played around a bit,  I forgot about the glass wall and only occasionally looked across at Andy and the girls. Jan lay down and opened her legs. Jim started by eating her pussy. I attended her top half. I looked over at Andy, on his back Jenny sat on his cock and Sara sat on his face. Jim came, I pulled a condom on and took my place fucking Jan doggy. Jenny came loudly as she always did. Jim started pounding Jenny as Sara sat on Jim's cock. I looked around at the fornication and I remembered the glass wall. I let my cum go into the condom and sat back. Jan turned snogging me like bitch on heat. She broke away and reached her hand out for Jenny who was now full of Jim's cum. Jenny took her hand, "he filled you" Jan said. Jan bent and started to lick at the leaking cum. Jim told Jenny she was a good girl. Sara came and looked at the other two women.  She put an arm around me and I pushed her on her back.  I fucked her hard and fast. I was not sure why, the discovery of Jenny's bi side or claiming Jenny back from this stranger. She was high on the clubbing fucking this stranger and being seen. This time she did not cum softly moaning. She let out long loud morning 'fffuckkk' We did not part, we held each other I'm not sure how long. When we parted Jan held Jenny in an embrace watching Jim and Andy sucking cock 69. We all rested then went back to the bar after a shower. We picked a second couple and went to another room. That was almost as exciting.  We went to the club another 5 times, sometimes selecting couples, sometimes men, once a woman.

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