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"How Simon shared me"
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Our first 4 sum was with a couple we had been chatting with for months. Simon stopped the car and put the break on, "Are you ready?" "Yes" I told him. Simon picked up the overnight bag and I knocked on the door. June answered. "Let's have some wine, Gary show Simon where he can put the bag." Gary took Simon upstairs and June offered me red wine. "Are you OK" she asked, "Do you still want to play." I know what play means now. "O, yes." I told her trying to hide both my excitement and nerves. "Do you want to play with Simon for us to watch like we have on camera, and watch Gary and me play. " she asked. I nodded. "Can I play with Simon?" She asked. "Yes" "Do you want to play with Gary." "I do" "Do you want Gary to enter you?" I nodded, and sipped wine. "Do you want to use condoms " she asked, "we have never used condoms with Simon but have with others." "Simon and I had talked about it, we don't need condoms." "Are you on the pill?" I told her I was. "Do you want Gary to cum in you?" "I do, yes. I want Simon to have me after Gary " "Can Gary eat your pussy when they have both used you?" "Of course, Simon and I like that." "Can I eat your pushy." She asked. We had spoken about June and I playing with each other. Now it was going to happen. I touched her leg and asked, " Are Simon and Gary coming down?" "I think they are playing with each other." June replied, she put her wine down and touched my face. I looked at her, leaned forward, she kissed me. I was shocked, I never thought about kissing her. Touching, sucking her breasts, licking her pussy and fingering her I had thought about, but not kissing. It was pleasant but a shock. June opened my top. Simon told me not to wear too much, so I packed a bra and panties, I did not wear any. My nipples were hard. June touched one. It was electric. She kissed and sucked my nipples. Her hand went to my naked leg. Then up under my skirt. Her hand touched my smooth pussy. She kissed me again, stood up and took her wrap around dress off. She was not wearing anything under it. I unzipped my skirt and dropped it. We had seen each other naked on camera. I had seen Gary touch her and fuck her, they had seen Simon and I doing the same. Now we were looking at each other naked and in the flesh. She stepped towards me. She touched my shoulders, ran her hands down my arms, I stepped closer, we embraced. Our bodies touched the full length, she kissed me, I kissed back. My hand wondered, I had never touched a woman like this and my mind was racing, my hands looking for the difference between her and men. Her kisses were passionate, my breathing was heavy and fast. "Sit down and open your legs." She told me, I did. She knelt in front of me. We looked at each other, she kissed my mound, her tongue slipped into the folds of my pussy. Her breath was hot on me. It was not so different from Simon eating me. Her hands pulled my pussy apart, her tongue went deeper. I was almost there when she stopped, kissed me, and fingered my clit. Then it happened, my first cum from a woman. I was panting and so wet. It was amazing. June smiled, "Do you think you could do that for me?" She sat beside me and I reached for her pussy. She opened her legs and gently pushed my head down. She lifted one leg on to the sofa and the other wide open. I had seen her legs open like this and Gary eating her. Now it was my turn. I was so close, her lips were hot and red. Her scent was heavy and rich. She tasted of pineapple. It was strange, I tried to do what she and men had done to me. I pulled her hood back, found her clit and started to roll my tongue over it. Suddenly I knew I was doing something right. I was still trying when she began to moan, she closed her legs around my head and then I knew I had done it. June had cum, and I made it happen. I sat up licking my lips. "OK " she asked. I answered her with a kiss. We had some more wine and went upstairs. Simon and Gary were sucking each other. Simon's last girlfriend left him because she caught him with a man. I had encouraged him said I wanted to see it when he suggested it. June told them, "Jane wants to fuck Gary." I never expected it to be that plain. Gary patted the bed beside him. We kissed. "Is that pussy I taste?" I think I blushed. It could have been Gary knowing what I had done, it could have been Simon was about to see me have sex with another man. June answered for me, "It is and she was very good." Simon gave her a kiss and a squeeze on her tit. Gary put me on my back and fingered me, "Your very wet, is she always this wet Simon. " "Always" Simon said. Gary lay on me, I could not help looking at Simon as Gary pushed into me. Simon was watching and fingering June. I felt Gary's hardness push in. He filled me and he pumped me. Simon was hard, June was wanking him. I felt Gary's hands and suddenly realised I was not doing anything. He kept pumping as I pulled his head to mine. We kissed and my hands replied to his, searching his body. Soon my body was bucking, but he came first. I felt him inject me. Gary left me and Simon went down on me, licking Gary from my open pussy. I came. I was not sure where to look but I noticed June sucking Gary's cock. He was finger fucking her. Simon kissed me with the tang of a man's cum on his lips. I knew Simon approved, his kiss was passionate and excited. I had done it, I had sex infront of Simon with another man. We had been planning it all though COVID Lockdown. It was Simon's turn to have sex infront of me. First he ate June's pussy then he slowly pushed his cock into her. Gary was behind me, his hand on my tit. I wriggled my bum against his semi. Simon raised his body on straight arms and moved his hips. June came quickly but Simon continued to work his magic. He was doing for her what he did to me. I put my hand on Gary's hand and pressed it against my tit. Simon pushed hard into her and then looked at me, he had not looked at me all the time he was having her. He left her. I pulled Gary's hand away and grabbed Simon's slimy cock as I descended on June's pussy eating Simon from her and wanting Simon. Then I felt June move, I opened my legs and she was at me again. I had no idea what Gary was doing and I was not thinking about him. All I was thinking was I was wanting my lover who had just fucked this cunt that I was eating and she had her tongue in my hole. June came and I came soon after. June and I released each other and Simon took my other hole doggy. He came in me, I was about to move but Gary took Simon's place and drove him cock into me. He hammered at me. I was pleased that Simon had done it first. Gary came, adding his contents to Simon's, he let go of my hips. I collapsed laying on the bed. Simon hugged me and whispered softly, "I think you are a dirty swinging bitch." "I think I must be." I told him, "can we have some more wine?" We took a break and I wondered what would happen next. I wanted Simon, then thought a simple naughty thought, I could have Simon anytime, I should take advantage of Gary. Thinking that, I realised I was being slutty. I whispered to Simon "I want everything tonight, everything we have talked about. " He took the wine from my hand, put it down, turned me around and fucked me. As he did he told me, "June and Gary is going to use and enjoy you." Telling me that made me oddly aroused. I felt cum running down my legs as Simon pumped me, that turned me on, two men leaking from me. I came just as Simon added one more load to my already full cunt. We finished our glass of wine then one of our fantasies came true. I sat on Gary, Simon pushed me flat and pushed his cock in to my cunt. I had two cocks in me, rubbing against each other. I kissed Gary as Simon moved. When he pulled out I thought I had upset him, but he pushed into my other hole. Simon was right, feeling so full was gorgeous. "Can you feel each other?" Gary answered "We can, I feel his cock fucking you." Simon continued moving, I was enjoying my body building, then Simon came and left me. I sat up, looked at Gary and ground my clit against him. I really did feel that organism but sat up and continued for him, when he came l was so close, I just kept going. I got off him and lay on my back. June climbed over me and started to lick my cunt. Her cunt was above me, I saw Simon pushing his cock into her. He was so close I could see every detail. As he moved in and out cum escaped, most down his cock and over his balls, when there was enough it started to drip on to me. There I was June eating Simon and Gary out of me and Simon fucking away at June, the contents of her cunt dripping on me. I was just about to cum when Simon came, he pulled out. A lot of spunk fell on my face. June kept working on me, I almost screamed as I came. I did not let it finish there. I took Simon's still semi into my mouth and Gary started to bang my pussy. I was beginning to feel like a total slut, but didn't tell anyone I was enjoying it. My face was covered in cum, cum was spilling from my cunt down my legs. I was amazing myself and I came, so did Gary. I looked around, saw June, her legs open. I knelt between her legs and started eating her. Simon did what I hoped, he fucked me. When I took a breath I saw Gary hanging his cock over June's face and getting it sucked. That was the last fuck that night. My, I have got hot and excited writing this. We had supper and another glass of wine. June asked how we wanted to sleep. I looked at Simon, hoping he would say something. He did not. "Together? " I ventured. We spent that night in their big bed. There was some gentle petting. Then we all fell asleep. In the morning I woke with a cock pressed into my back. I did not care who's it was. I opened my legs grabbed the cock and offered my pussy. The cock pushed in and took me. I turned around, it was Gary who fucked me. Simon was fucking June doggy. I watched, and I enjoyed watching. When they finished I engaged 69 with June. When we got each other off there was one fantasy I had left. "Simon, Gary, have you ever fucked each other?" Simon took my hint. He turned to Gary. They never kissed. Gary turned around, Simon took cum from my pussy, rubbed it into Gary's anus and then pushed his cock in. It was not as exciting as I thought it would be. We all had showers, breakfast and promised to do it again. I do not know if I will do it with others but I will go back to June and Gary. I think I must be slutty. Since I met Simon I have changed. Sex has become enjoyable. Don't misunderstand me, I always enjoyed sex, but I am no longer embarrassed about enjoying it. Once I would hardly talk about it. Now I say, fuck and cunt, Simon likes words like that, and I have had sex on a sex site, I have been shared, and used, but I have enjoyed it and enjoyed not hiding my enjoyment.

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