8 Apr 2020

The 3sum

This story is mostly true or may come true. I will allow you to judge which bits are true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I had met this wonderful lady, Susan many times and had discussed inviting a man to join us for a mfm. We had even met a man but Susan did not click.

We both enjoy letting the air to our bodies and Sun bathing nude. It was on a picnic that this happened.

We parked the car in the little car park, gathered up the food, drink, large padded blanket and two pillows. Off we set along the path then cut though some tree to a south facing glade.

We put the food and drink behind a large tree. Even in the thermal box it would warm. Then we spread the blanket and stripped off. I admired her dark body, her large breasts and even darker nipples. It does not matter how often I see her it thrills me. I'm not sexual aroused but I know she only has to say the word and I will be. She never says the word, she looks at me in that way or she kisses me. That has the same effect, my cock hardens, I imagine tasting her pussy. That can wait, she kisses so well, its hard to define, our mouths and tongues merge, become one. Our hands search each other's bodies, bodies we know so well. Susan's breasts are large, beautiful, very touchable, very kissable. Our hands stray south together. She runs hers over my stiff cock. I find her silky smooth pussy and allow one finger to penetrate her folds. She is wet, she always is. We lay down, kiss and fondle. Her hands rove over my body, my fingers play with her pussy. Susan moans and bucks. I turn and kiss her pussy, she sucks my cock. I enjoy the taste, roll my tongue over her clit, into her deep wet valley. Susan grabs hold of my cock and starts sucking my balls. She lets go as she moans for a second time. Now I turn and slip my cock into her. Warm natural, always wet. I thurst into her pussy, deep. My turn to Cum, then Susan's, I return to licking her pussy to clean up my mess. I keep working at her clit, she cums one last time.

My reward is Susan rubs me down with sunscreen. Then one glass of wine and relax in the sun for an hour.

We are just finishing our picnic, both sat naked.

'Susan can you see the man in the trees, is he wanking?'

' I think he is.'

'Do you fancy him'

'He looks alright'

'Shall we do it, shall I invite him over?'

'Yes' and she reached over for a kiss, I held her breast and made a show of it.

I called over 'come on over.'

He stuffed his cock away and came over. He could not take his eyes off Susan.

'Fancy a nibble' I asked. I let his mind race and then offered him the last sandwich. He took it. 'If you get your kit off you can suck her tit' he almost chocked.

Susan pushed her tit towards him. He got naked, then stopped waiting for something. I rubbed her left tit and sucked her nipple. He took the right. I sat back. My cock was rock hard. Susan looked at me, I smiled, she looked at this stranger locked on her tit.

'If you're good at tit you can eat her pussy' Susan looked at me and pushed his head down and opened her legs wide. He fumbled but Susan was enjoying. I kissed her. She was a little distracted.

I whispered, 'do you want to Fuck him?'


I bent over her head, she took my cock into her mouth. I looked down at the man giving her head and enjoying Susan sucking my cock.

I sat back and told him, 'if your good at that you can fuck her, is he good at that?'

'Yes, give me your cock'

He looked up, took her at her word then took her. I counted his thursts, 23. He was no threat to me, but it must have been a big turn on for him. He pulled out limp.

'Susan will clean that for you if you want her to suck it'

It was not limp for long. Susan bent over him and started to suck. I could not resist, I gave Susan her first spit roast. I fucked her gently, sloppy seconds looking down her back at this man getting sucked off. I did not want her to bit his cock off. She did not. She let go of his cock. Groaned and moan, more intense than normal.

Susan took a few moments to recover and said 'thank you' it was a gasp. I was not sure who she was thanking, me, him or both of us.

He left, leaving his number and name, Mike.

Once he was gone we made love using her back hole.

I spent my last night with her. In the morning we made love knowing we would not see each other for a month or two. She kissed goodbye. I enjoyed her kisses but this last kiss of our meets was pleasant and painful, saying goodbye always was.

'I liked yesterday' Susan told me.

'We can do it anytime you like.'

She kissed me again, this time with memories and promises.

As I drove away I wondered if she would use Mike's number. Normally I did not think about who she fucked while I was away. Mike was the only man I share Susan with.

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