Written by Tony

2 Oct 2020

I woke up with a woman in my arms. It took me a moment to remember her name. When I did I whispered softly, "Good morning Emma."

She straightened her body and stretched, then snuggled her backside into my hard cock. I kissed her softly on the back of her neck. She wiggled her bum against my cock. "I was hoping you had recovered  " she informed me. Just as I was thinking how I would like to take her she turned over, pushed me on my back and though a leg over. She lowered herself on to my cock. I slid in past the morning dew. Into her hot clinging pussy. Staying upright she started to move her hips.  All I could reach was her knees.  She kept her tight little breasts out of reach until I injected my first load of the day. Then she place a hand each side of my shoulders and continued her rhythmic movements. She was beginning to to smile and bite her lower lip. I  reached up felt her hard nipples ran my hand down her back. "Don't go soft on me." She demanded and I assured her I had no intention. Sometimes she lowered herself to kiss me, then she let out a long exhausted sigh and dropped onto me. She had not worn me out I tipped her on to her back pulled her legs high around me and tilted back onto our sides. I held her close and took control giving her long slow hard thrusts.  Her legs started to grip me tighter and just as I dropped my second load she let go another sigh this time muffled by my neck. 

We showered and went to  get breakfast, it was 10.30.  Anna and Jon had started theirs.  Anna and Emma air kissed Jon and I nodded.  "Was I right?" asked Anna. Emma said yes and asked what I would like. 

As she retrieved my yogurt from the fridge and I poured us both coffee Jon asked Emma if she enjoyed the night.  Emma told her husband that she had. 

"Are Lyn and Adam up" I asked.

Anna informed me "Adam was up I heard Lyn cum."  She laughed.  Thinking about Adam fucking my wife gave me a twitch in my cock.

"You better go get them up, if we are going Shopping. " Emma reminded me.

I knocked the door and walked in, not waiting for an invite. Lin had her head on Adam's shoulder, Adam had his arm around her. 

She turned to me as I sat on the bed. I kissed her. "Time to get up. Did you enjoy?" Lin through her arms around me and hugged tightly. "Has he filled you." I  fingered her pussy as she opened her legs. I hardened and claimed her back. Adam lay on the bed watching,  when we finished Lin kissed him. She went to shower. I washed my cock in a hand basin and went back to the kitchen. It was approaching midday when  we left.

The women in one car driven by Emma and us in another driven by Jon.

Adam asked 'Do you think Lin will fuck Jon'

'She fucked you and I never thought she would fuck in front of me.' I replied. 

'She is a very nice fuck. Good to take a swinging virgin ' Adam commented. 

'I enjoy helping ladies to cross boundaries. Best was seeing you fuck her. I could not believe it when she invited you to our room. ' I told them both.

Adam replied 'Good to help'

We continued to chat about the sun the beach, nudist, sex. It was one o'clock when we stopped at a restaurant overlooking the sea. Then on into town.  We spent some time walking about then to the market. We split up, Lyn and I took a Shopping trolley.  Adam and I paid for the three trolleys. It was more expensive than I thought it would be but Emma and Jon were taking the accommodation payment in our bodies. 

We got back about 5 PM, the Shopping was soon away and we were naked soon after.

Lin and I were in our room, I asked her bluntly 'Do you want Jon?'

'You want me to go with him….don't you.'

I have known Lin long enough not to tell her I do if she wants to. Instead 'I want you to have him. Adam and I want to see Jon in you.'

Soon Lin was laying on the bed, her legs open. I went to find Jon, 'Jon can I barrow you. Lin wants to play, but she may not wish to shag.' I told him what Lin had agreed to and we went to our room. Lin was still on her back, her legs open. She closed her eyes as we entered the room and I closed the door. 

Jon sat on the bed and ran his hands over her body.  Lin did not move, I was about to call it off when  Lin lifted a hand and touched Jon on the shoulder.  I nodded and Jon kissed her nipple. Lin ran a hand down his arm and back up. He kissed her, she responded,  I was aware my cock was hard. On the bed things were taking their course.  Lin pushed his hand down.  Jon parted the folds of her pussy and was soon eating her. He took his time then slipped into her, she opened her eyes and closed them. Jon started to pump her and that was my que to leave. I left the door part open.

'She fucking him.' Anna asked. She knew there was no need to ask. We sat on the sofas and listened sometimes petting lightly. Anna and me, Adam and Emma. 

Lin and Jon came out,  Lin looking sheepish. Adam got up to meet them, 'Was that nice.' Lin nodded, 'Can I. ' Adam asked. Lin nodded and he felt her pussy and rubbed his fingers in the sticky filling. He sat her on the end of the sofa and took her. Soon she was enjoying him, soon he was standing in front of her, spent. Lin reached out and I took Adam's place. I was hard, excited, she fucked two men and now she asked me to have her. She was full when I entered her. 'I love you I told her' 

'You like me like that?' She asked.

'I like to see you cum.'

She never answered. She did cum. I  stepped back. Anna squeezed Lin's hand and asked her if she was sleeping with Jon. Lin looked at me. I told her she could.  She looked at Adam and Jon then me. She took Jon's hand, he hugged her and she said yes.

The ladies made dinner. We chatted about Lin and Jon having sex. Adam gave him hints. 

After dinner Jon and Lin performed for us and we all went to bed, Lin and Jon, Emma and Adam, Anna and myself.

As we fucked and played Anna asked me if I liked Lin slutty if I like to see her shagging around.  Anna always knew which buttons to push and when. How to arouse me, but I  always thought she was planning deeper depravity.

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