Written by Tony

18 Jul 2020

It's mid January 2021. Lyn has started to talk about Anna and Adam again. She went from guilty to excitement sometimes in the space of a sentence.  

The week before our holiday she shaved her pussy. I knew that was for Adam. 

The original plan was to go back to the same hotel as last year but Anna had found a villa with a private pool so we agreed to share costs. Now we were arriving in a taxi. It was late afternoon but the day was still warm. The villa had small high windows. 

I knocked on the door. Soon Anna opened the door, she had a wrap around dress with a belt knotted around her. I carried our bags in. Inside, a corridor lead forward. Two doors on the left and at the end a door opened into a large room. By the time we got to that door Anna was naked.  

Adam met us also naked. He took the bags and told Lyn 'Lyn I will show you your room'. Off they went. 

Anna helped me undress to reveal my hard cock. As we kissed we made it to one of the large sofas. She sat sucked my cock, and it ached to fuck her. I tipped her back and buried my head in her  pussy. She was just like I remembered,  juicy, hungry and wanting. I could wait no longer, I pushed my cock into her feeling her engulf me. ' nice to be back' she laughed. It did not last long, we both came quickly. 

Only then did I think of Adam and Lyn.  I would  be surprised if he was not in her by now.

Anne 'I have a confession'. We were sat up on the sofa and I was considering which way to fuck her next. We are not renting, we are staying with the owners. 

I was worried that Lyn would want to leave and not sure how the two weeks would go now. 'You better introduce me before Lyn comes back. '

We walked out to the pool, though sliding doors and turned right. 'This is Jon and Emma, our hosts. ' they were both naked. Jon's cock hard. Anna kissed him. 'This is Tony, Lyn is with Adam, he will keep her busy for sometime. ' Jon offered his hand, I shook it and Emma kissed me on the cheek and took my still wet cock in her hand. Telling me she wanted it in her.

I turned to Anna, 'I wish you had told us, you know Lyn us shy'

'If we told you you may not have come. What do you think Lyn will say' I  admitted I did not know. 'What will Lyn think you will say.'

'She will think I'm all for staying and bedding you both, but I  don't think she will be keen, Adam is a special case.'

'It's ok, Anna and Emma will keep me happy.  It doesn't mean you can't shag Emma ' Jon told me.

Emma started wanking my cock,  which was beginning to dry. She was slim, well tanned,  her long hair tied in a high ponytail, small tits and shaved pussy, no tan line.

'Have you all been using condoms ?' I asked as Emma took my cock in her mouth. 

Anna answered, 'No.' She smiled. 

'No point in us using them then' I pulled Emma to her feet and took her back to the sofa. Jon and Anna followed.  They sat on the other sofa.

Emma and I were kissing by the time we sat. I wanted to eat her pussy give her a good time but I wanted to fuck her before Lyn came out. I went straight for the goal. I was not the first that day. I was only half interested in her fun. I dumped my load and then took my time to eat her pussy. Licking up spunk, licking her clit and finger fucking her. She came, I looked up to see Anna kissing Emma with a hand on her tit. Jon was fingering Anna. Anna lifted her head as she came gripping Emma's tit tightly. 

Jon licked his fingers, looking me said, 'You taste good'

Anna told Emma, 'I told you he was good.'

Emma sat up and Anna sat the other side of me. 'You will enjoy being here.' Anna told me and I agreed I would. 

Lyn and Adam came back, she asked 'You want to stay don't you?' I told her I did and she said,  she knew I would. She looked up at  Adam,  hugged him tightly. 'Adam said I can say no to anything or anyone. '

Jon assured her she was right.

'No one wants you to do anything you don't want ' Anna told her. 

I told her no one would force her to do anything. 

Lyn, 'You have had her haven't you.' I told her I had  and she agreed to stay.

Anna asked Lyn to help her and Emma to make dinner. 

Us men took a drink and sat by the pool. Jon assured me he would not push Lyn for sex and I told him I would like her to shag him. Adam said Lyn was an incredibly shag when she got started. We chatted about the house, the private beach. Jon hinted about bi, Adam told him it would be best to play straight.  Lyn had not been pleased when Anna touched her pussy last year. Then the conversation drifted into sexual experiences.  Lyn was the least experienced,  she shagged other men but Adam was the only one I had seen her fuck. I had been to parties with girlfriends, Lyn knew that but never wanted to come. 

It turned out Adam, Anna, Jon and Emma were all bi and very active on the swinging scene. 

We had dinner outside. It was a long sociable affair.  Conversations about everything but sex. 

After dinner we took our drinks inside to the sofas. Lyn sat on one sofa with Adam and in order, Jon, Anna, me and Emma sat on the other. 

Anna asked, 'Lyn who are you sleeping with tonight?'

Lyn looked a little lost so I suggested Adam.  She asked if I minded. I told her I wanted her to.

Anna gave me a passionate kiss, Emma started work sucking my cock and Anna turned to Jon, kissed him and caressed his cock and balls.

Lyn knelt in front of Adam and her head started bobbing. My cock got even harder than it was. Soon I was enjoying my cock in a wet mouth and my wife performing in a 6sum. My hand ran down Emma's back, over her buttocks and down her upper leg. Emma turned over her head on my lap. My hard cock against her ear. My hand ran over her tits, down to her clit and I pushed a finger into her. She shivered and adjusted her position.  Lyn was still sucking Adam when Emma came lifting herself up and kissing me like a starved woman. I let her calm, then walked over to Lyn. I sat next to Adam and stroked Lyn short hair.  She looked up, looked at my cock and started sucking. I let her for a few moments then lifted her, sat her on the sofa and slipped into her. It was the first time she had been fucked with two other couples in the room. She was in the mood, full of want. I left my calling card, spunk. Handed her back to Adam and said goodnight. Adam took her by the hand and started for our room. Anna told Lyn to enjoy him.

I watched the door shut. Anna was by my side. She hugged me tight, I gave her a long kiss and Jon took her off to her room. Emma and I went to her room. As the door swung shut we were on each other.  69 on the bed. Cock and pussy getting head. She let my cock fall from her mouth, taking it in her hand and taking first one ball then the other in her mouth.  I was getting heady  and passionate my tongue on her clit and nose in her pussy.

She let go of my balls keeping my cock in her hand, her tongue moved towards my ass. She stopped. 'Yes' I said . We both went for it. 69 and rimming each other. She was totally free, her legs wide open. She kept licking my ass as I opened her's, and pushed a finger in. I moved, she knelt and took my cock in her ass. I gave her long deep and hard thrusts. Banging her till I dropped my load. 

'Anna told me you like ass.' Emma informed me.

'I do when the lady is willing.'

'We will have to see how much you like it.' Emma may have smiled.

We fucked three more times that night, resting giving head and finger fucking.

That is all fantasy. We still have a meet in January, in the hotel with Anna and Adam. Lyn is very much up for that and excited.  I am looking forward to seeing Anna, seeing Lyn fuck Adam. Would Lyn stay if there was another couple as above? I really do not know.

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