Written by Jane

4 Apr 2020

Dinner with Simon

I had passed Simon in the hall many times and yesterday he took me to bed. Today he was coming to dinner.

Simon arrived on time with wine. I timed dinner perfectly. Simon had time to open the wine and sit down. I hoped he liked my cooking, I knew he liked me.

We sat down and had the conversation we should have had yesterday.

Do I have a boyfriend? No, I lied. I may have lied, if Simon became regular I would dump Kevin.

Do you have a girlfriend? No, she left me 3 months ago when she caught me in bed.

I would give you a second chance!

Would you?

Was she worth it?

She was a man.

Do you like men?

I like sex, so do you. He said.

Will you cheat on me?

I will never cheat on you, I will have sex with others. Do you mind?

I will make my mind up later.

If you are not sure we should not have sex.

I'm sure I want you to take me to bed. I will make my mind up about others later, if I don't like it I'll dump you.

I'll regret that but its fair. We went to bed.

We undressed each other. My mind was on him and men, but as he touched me I tingled and I thought of him, pleasing him and feeling him in me. He took me twice and we lay snuggling close. 'I want to do something with you' he asked.

Anything, I told him. I had no idea what he wanted but I trusted him, he was so honest, everything he did pleased me. Even saying so openly he would go to bed with others. I was not sure about that but most men would have cheated. He was right if he told me, he was not cheating.

He kissed my breasts, kissed my stomach, he kissed lower and I opened my legs. That not new. He kissed my gate, he spent ages, even longer than he had before. I bucked with the pleasure he gave me. He pushed his fingers in to me and I loved it more.

The the new bit. So that is what he wanted! His fingers pulled my buttocks apart, I lifted my knees opening his mouth move back kiss and licking. I rolled on my side too help him get closer. He moved a little, then he was at my backdoor. He never pushed in, he just ran his wet tongue over it. I reached for his hard cock. He slapped it away. I ran my hand over his bottom.

His tongue pushed into me. Then a finger deeper. It was nice but nice because I gave something to him. I thought it would hurt but it was OK. He told me he wanted doggy.

I waited for his manhood to push into my back hole. He went into my proper place. He thrusts 5 or 6 times them pulls all the way out. Then he is at the other place. He pushes very slowly. Then lets me get use to it then pushes deeper, he stops again then deeper. He is all the way in, he started to move. I liked it, I was not sure why. I was very aroused, I told myself it was Simon, but I knew it was this taboo. Then I rammed myself further on to him. I felt him spurt into me and he was gone. Out of me. I missed him.

I turned around both kneeling, I held him. I inspected his manhood. I thought it would be brown. It was clean. He told me I could suck it. I must have waited to long, he said suck it. I did. I could taste his cum, his cum and something. I was surprised, I liked it. I liked it so much .

I told him to do it again, in the right place I said. He lay on me, he was hard again.

Where is the right place he asked; fanny, puss, pussy, vagina, slit, pocket, purse, cunt. I thought about it, we talked about sex, other men did. Simon did it, did it well and talked about it. Simon kept going, wallet twat.

Pussy, I said, fuck my pussy. He did. As he did I encouraged him, pussy, cock, fuck my pussy. I think that excited him. He came but finger fucked my pussy, my cunt. We fell asleep after he finished my pleasure.

In the morning we fucked again, listen to me now, I sound like a lost lady.

We agreed that he would cook for me tonight.

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