Written by Jane

3 Apr 2020


It was the 3rd week of COVID lockdown. My boy friend had told me he could not stay with me because of social distancing.

I was coming home with the weekly shop. Simon from flat 7 was doing pull ups outside the block. We had passed in the hall many times and said hi. That day I stopped and chatted. He smelt sweaty, not stale sweet that is just smelly. He smelt manly, and he looked manly, his arms bulging as he pulled himself up for the last time.

He asked if I wanted coffee. I knew he meant he wanted a chance to talk me into bed. Should I say yes? I had not cheated on my boy friend, Kevin, unless I count the time I got drunk, but you can't count being drunk can you? And I did give Kevin a chance to isolate with me.

I told him to knock on my door when he was finished, I had to put my shopping away.

I had just shut the fridge door when I heard footsteps on the stairs. I was nervous, he always looked good but we had never got past 'hi how are you this morning.' I was hoping he would hit on me, and wondering how to say no so he would ask again.

There was no knock at the door, I rushed over to open it, but I looked through the spy hole. Simon was opening the door to his flat, he shut it behind him. That is when I knew I wanted Simon, Kevin would never know. I was disappointed. I'm 22, a nice body, OK I was not showing it off as we chatted but he must have noticed over the last few months.

I turned the TV on and mopped, I was angry with myself I never gave him encouragement. I looked out the window. Weeks, months in here with my work and a TV.

There was a knock on the door, he came back!

I ran to the door, stopped, pulled my top tight to show my boobs. I opened the door. It was Simon. I let him in asked him to sit, he looked, I know he did. He is about 30, spent lots of time in the gym. He had showered and was smelling nice. So thoughtful.

I made real coffee,he took one sugar and no milk. He sat in the chair I sat on the sofa. Why do you sit in a chair but on a sofa? That is not what I was thinking. I was thinking how do I get at his cock without him thinking I was an easy slut.

' is the coffee OK, sweet enough?' I asked.

Yes he said, but not as sweet as you.

I blushed, I know I blushed. 'Do you think so' I asked

Yes, I think so, May I sit by you, he asked.

I nodded, why could I not talk. He is going to sit next to me, I felt hot.

He put his coffee down and looked into my eyes. I leaned forward. He kissed me. I felt guilty. I thought Kevin then I thought fuck Kevin.

It was not Kevin fucking me. It was Simon. I don't know how it happened. We were kissing, then he had his hand on me, my bra off, top open. His lips on my nipples, that felt so good. Some how my knickers came off. His fingers were in me. Then he stopped. Oh no don't stop. He handed a condom, I took it from him, put it on and he took me on the sofa.

That was good, so I took him to bed. He carried his trousers with him and pulled a handful of condoms out and left them on the bedside table. There must have been 5 or 6. I hoped he could live up to that.

He began to kiss me,we removed everything, his socks, my top. He went below, I felt his hot mouth play with me. First it was nice, then pleasant, then warmth moved though me like a wave. Then my body shuddered but he did not stop, it happened again. His manhood was close to me so I eat it, tasting his cum and condom.

Then he offered me a condom I opened the foil with my teeth and put it on him. Then he was in me. It felt better than anything I could remember. Better than Kevin. I wanted him closer to me I pulled his body to me, crushing my breasts. Fuck me. I thought. Cum for me. Fill me. I don't want

He stopped.

Why did you stop I asked.

You said you did not want to.

Did I say it out loud.

Yes you did

I don't want a condom

Are you sure he asked.

I told him yes. He pulled out, pulled the condom off.

His manhood was at my gate, I could feel its presence, but he did not enter. Are you sure he asked.

Yes, and he pushed in. YES, YES more I knew I was speaking aloud.

He took me 3 more times. When he finally finished I felt like I had run 20 miles.I knew if I tried to standup my legs would fail.

We lay together and fell asleep. When I woke he was not there I was disappointed. I thought it was a dream. Then I saw the condoms by the bed and I knew it was not. I started getting up and Simon arrived with coffee, just the way I made myself. He was thoughtful.

He said he had to go to work, he did something on the internet and I had some translation to do. We agreed that I would cook that night and I invited him back.

As he left I asked he name, it was Simon. He had me and I never knew his name. What a slit. I was shocked and pleased with myself. He was going to come back and have me again. I was very pleased with myself.

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