Written by Tony

16 Oct 2020

Saturday morning we started preparing for the party. Emma and Jon had invited some swinging friends.

We nibbled through the morning, food not each other. 

By midday everything was ready. Food in the fridge covered or waiting for a quick blast in the oven and wine on ice.

We all took time out for a shower or bath. We spread condoms and towels about. 

The first couple to arrive walked up from the beach. Irene and Jim, they had come by boat. They both gave Emma a peck on the cheek. Jon introduced Lin, Anna, Adam and myself. 

Lin slipped herself under Jim's arm and hugged his young 20 something body to her. Irene glanced at her partner,  then me, she stepped towards me and asked if I would get her a drink. I noticed Anna hold Adam's arm as Irene and myself went for a drink. 

We chatted, Lin was getting very friendly with Jim. That surprised me. 

Irene, early 20s,  long blonde hair, a very small triangular white patch around her pussy, wearing sandals and a smile. She looked at me and I asked her 'would you like to play'

'Can we go to a room.' 

We went to our room.

'How do you want me.' She asked.

'Anyway,  so long as I see your face.'

She smiled and we settled on the bed. For a moment I thought 'how is Lin doing ', it was the first time in a week. I touched Irene's chin, our lips touched,  my hand ran up her side,  her hand went to my shoulder.  We held each other and the dance began. We lay on our side, kissing,  caressing and searching for those special spots that the other enjoys. There was a little aa as I nibbled her ear lobe. She rolled away, ripped a condom open and rolled it over my cock. It was ribbed and blue. She settled herself on me and made a circular motion. I twitched my cock. 'That's nice.' She told me. She moved her hips back and forth, never moving me in and out of her. Keeping control of movements she learned on her hands. Her hair falling on my face. She continued to grind. 

'Emma said this is your first party.' Irene said as she moved.

'Lin's first party not mine.' I  told her feeling my pleasure grow and her breast.

'She is going to have every man here, I can tell.'

' I  know, and every woman who she can.' I told her.

'Good, we are staying tonight. ' with that she came, and started to rise and fall on my cock. It did not take long before I came.

She got off and lay beside me still touching me. I started to eat her, a slight taste of condom and raspberry. I rolled my tongue around her clit and she sucked at me. I soon forgot the taste of condom and pulled her thighs apart, grinding my tongue into her pussy. Soon she was pushing her pussy into my face and she came. 

I turned around,  grabbed the first condom to hand and was in her as soon as I  could.  Mmmmm she breathed into my ear as I pushed in and out. I  took my pleasure, felt myself fill the condom,  wished it was not there, felt myself deflate pulled out. I left the condom behind and plucked it out with my fingers. 'Sorry ' I told her.

'That's OK' she told me.

We took a few moments to recover then went back to the party. Anna was walking to a room with a man but took long enough to tell me, 'You have some catching up to do. Lin is 2 ahead of you.'

Lin continued to surprise me, she shagged every man and some women. I was happy to play with the women,  and couples.  

About midnight the others left, but Irene and Jim remain all night. The night was punctuated with sex. I never slept. Anyone who wanted sex found someone who was awake moved away from anyone that was sleeping or dozing and pleasured each other. 

Irene and Jim were close friends of Emma and Jon. They had always played bareback, so I  got to do what I  wanted...Irene with no condoms. 

Sunday, was a strange day, dozing,  no proper meal and loads of sex. We all enjoyed the day. Irene and Jim left late Sunday.  I  slept 14 hours Sunday night.

A few days later Lin and I flew home. I was hoping to meet Lin's lover, but she never invited him over. We did go to clubs, but only when we were away from home. I still saw my lover and took her to clubs, but I was not allowed to bring her to our bed.