Written by Tony

14 Oct 2020

We woke, had breakfast and showed Lin the Swing. The morning was still cool but promising to be a hot day. 

'How does it work?' Asked Lin.

Anna patted the swing and said 'sit here'.

I helped Lin up. She lay back, Anna strapped Lin's left leg and I strapped the other.  Lin lay in the swing her pussy open and on display, unable to move her legs.

Everyone closed around her. Adam and Jon, their cocks close enough to suck and Jon offered his. Anna slipped away. Emma placed her hand on Lin's tit.

I knelt. Lin's pussy wide open, I began to eat her. She was sweet and soon very wet. Soon Lin was bucking but unable to move her legs.

I stood up and pushed my cock into her cunt. I  moved in and out. Anna had returned,  she had spread scented oil over Lin's tits and body. As I banged myself into her the swing moved gently,  then it moved further. Lin stopped sucking cock and looked all around, 2 women and 3 men. I  came before she came again and stepped away. Everyone moved round.  Anna took my place and started to eat the cream pie. Lin had Jon's cock in her mouth with one hand on Adam's cock and the other on mine. Everyone was rubbing oil into her apart from Anna who was eating my cum from Lin's pussy. Lin came, everyone moved around. 

Lin started to suck my cock, Adam started to fuck. The swing swung and Adam came. Jon took his place, he took his time slipping his naked cock into her but once in he hammered away. Lin came again and then again.  I  was enjoying watching her molested and fucked. Jon came and we all moved around.  

As Emma started to eat Lin, Lin gripped my arm and she gripped Jon cock, by the look on his face harder than was comfortable. Lin came, her eyes were wide open. As was her pussy when I took Emma's place. Even after the eating she got Lin was leaking. I hammered away at her and she came again before I did. 

That was the end of it, Lin asked to be let down.  Lin could not stand,  her body was shivering.  She was worn out, I counted 10 organisms. Anna and I helped her to bed and lay each side. The last I saw of the swing was Emma climbing in.

Anna brushed hair from Lin's face. Anna smiled at me, I smiled back. We lay there, I'm not sure how long.

Eventually Lin kissed me and lay back, then she surprised me, 'I'm totally shagged out.'

'Would you like to do it again. ' Anna asked.

'Not today. '

Anna laughed. 

'We could have  a party.' Anna offered after a short pause. 

'Party?' Lin asked.

'Two or three more couples. ' 

It seemed forever before Lin answered 'Yes' and that was that. 

The next few day went as normal breakfast,  swim, sex, lunch, sex game, dinner,  sex and bed.

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