Written by Tony

6 Oct 2020

It was morning again. I woke with my arm draped over Anna and my hand on Emma. My cock was hard and pressed against her back. She reached back and positioned my cock at her backdoor. I took the hint and her backdoor. We woke Emma,  who turned over and started to kiss Anna. As I fucked Anna and they kissed, Emma sometimes allowed her hand to roam over my shoulder. Then I bust my morning load into her. I rolled on to my back and Emma lay on Anna, they began to eat each other. 

We went for breakfast.  Lin, Adam and Jon came out about an hour later. I never gave her time for breakfast or a shower. I kissed Lin full on the mouth and my cock hardened,    I laid her on the sofa. Her pussy was stretched she was full off spunk, she squelched as we fucked,  she almost screamed as she came and I added my donation to Adam's and Jon's. When  I  looked up the other four were watching. 

Anna asked Adam and Jon, 'I bet you were both in her together last night.'

Lin answered 'They were, endlessly.' Then she regretted it for just a moment. Then totally unexpected Lin flung her arms around me and said 'I love you, do it again.' So I  did. This time the others did not watch,  they played. 

After everyone finished breakfast we spent the morning on the beach and lunch before coming back to the house. 

After lunch we played cards. Jon had a specially made set. We were each dealt cards. The idea was to get a desirable set; a room, a position or sexual act and a person.  We took turns picking up and discarding cards. When someone got what they wanted they laid the cards down and went off to play,  probably laying someone.

That took us through to dinner. Dinner was relaxed, chat included sex and DVP. Anna mentioned how she loved two cock rubbing against each other in her pussy. She was pushing the boundaries of dinner chat. 

After dinner we selected partners and went to bed.

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