Written by Steve

5 Apr 2020


I'm not claiming this story is true but I'm told it is.

2 women 6 couples and 15 men are shipwrecked. For the first few weeks everyone thinks there will be rescue and do as the captain says. They find water, food and make shelters.

As time goes on and no rescue arrives the captain starts to lose control. There are more incidents and the single women, Ann and June look for natural protectors. They come up with a plan.

They invite 5 men to meet them away from the camp. They do not tell the men who will be there. When they all arrive the women tell them that they can all fuck both women, but they must all fuck both of them and never tell anyone.

The women strip and after a bit of delay the first man does the same then the others. Each woman is fucked 5 times and since it had been so long the men did not take long. The men were reminded they could do the same each day as long as no one found out.

Everyone went back to camp different ways and the 2 women washed in the sea.

The same thing happened for the next 10 days. Then the women put the second part of their plan in place. The men fucked them, they were lasting longer and getting used to the public shags. The women said they had found another place and if the men wanted to keep fucking them they had to go with them and bring anything useful they could find.

By now thing in the camp was getting unpredictably so faced with losing their daily sex they agreed and met 2 hours later.

The women leading the men, they arrived at the new camp the following day.

Two months later there was a simple long house, soft bedding, food and water in easy reach. Everyone had daily jobs. The men had been carefully picked for their skills.

Sometimes there was a small disagreement, but the women always settled arguments. As a reward the men got to fuck the women. Each man was happy and life was good.

Meanwhile down on the beach camp things were getting worse. Husbands were having to defend their wives.

No one in the new camp knew anything about that until 2 couples were found hungary in the forest. They were taken back to the camp, given food and water and told that they could stay if they followed the camp rules. They had until nightfall to decide and the men were taken away and put to work.

The 4 women chatted and the rules explained. The new women were told that if they wanted to stay they would have to fuck all 5 men and their husbands had to fuck Ann and June. At first they asked how could Ann and June expected that.

That's the rules, the men need to be rewarded for being good and doing as they were told. Besides if they did not agree they would be sent back to the forest. The two new women agreed and were told what to do.

Then they started sorting dinner to show off the benefits of camp life.

After dinner the couples were asked if they wanted to stay. They said yes. The 2 husbands were told they had to fuck Ann and June. The husbands looked lost. The wives said they had to so they could stay, one helped her husband off with his clothes and almost begged him. The other, Jon was taking things off as soon as his wife, Sara said it was ok for the second time.

So both men fucked Ann or June. ' Stay beside us' they told the husbands. The the wives were told 'now you must fuck, you may choose who you fuck first but you must fuck them all.' They knew it was coming, Sara picked first, the other held back until she was reminded that if she wished to stay she must marry all the men. She touched one of the men, lay down and shut her eyes.

Jon sat by June, was enjoying everything. He ran his hand over June who encouraged him. June did not expect that but was pleased. As Sara enjoyed her second man Jon started to fuck June again.

Once all 5 had taken both women, the husbands were told there was one woman left to marry. Sara told the other woman that Jon was good and Jon started by licking her full pussy. Sara was not so lucky, her last man did what was required.

In the morning the men were sent to work. Ann and June explained to the wives their duties,

House work, keep the long house clean and cook.

Fuck at least 2 men a day and everyone of them each week.

To wash Ann and June each morning

If required, attend to the sexual needs of Ann and June.

Over the next weeks Sara would do her house work and go for a walk to select a man, she was getting very popular among the men. If Jon was around he would stop working and watch. Afterwards he would give her a passionate kiss as blessing. Sometimes Sara would allow him to fuck her. Gradually Sara got more adventurous. She would sit on Jon and have another fuck her ass. Sometimes she would have 2 cocks in her pussy.

By the end of the year all the women were pregnant and no one knew who the fathers were, just the way Ann and June planned it. One big family.

The pregnancies reduced availability of sex but everyone understood. Jon and 2 other men began to take pleasure in each other.

Several years later a rescue ship arrived. The survivors of the beach camp boarded the ship and some of the forest camp left the island. They walked out of the forest dressed in clothing woven from gathered plants.

If this story is true and only some of the forest camp left the island there is a settlement in the Pacific Ocean were sex is the binding agent of a society. A swinging nation?