Written by Peltin

15 Mar 2011

We had been meeting up for various running events for years in fact when my wife and I started going out it was because of two guys approaching the two lasses Jenny and Fiona. I had often wondered how things would have turned out if Jenny had not come on to me so strongly, and I had taken up with the quieter Fiona instead. This particular day we were in Sutton Park and are partners were unusually absent Jenny was running in another even this year which clashed and John was working in the Gulf. We were both in high spirits as we had just been well placed and had both got personal bests. We were chatting away in the very long queue for the portaloos. I could see Fiona was getting a little desperate as she had her legs crossed and was fidgeting. I was then she noticed the cut on the inside of my upper thigh, events took a different turn. She told me in no uncertain terms that as a nurse she was advising me to get the cut dressed. She was by now squatting down before me with her face inches from my crotch, I could feel her hot breath on and when I looked down I could see right down her front and make out her firm creamy breasts snuggling in her sports bra. I did not want to react and I was ashamed to feel my cock engorge and my ball sack tighten. How’s the six pack she said. I was shocked she always seemed so reserved. It's more like a four pack I think it took a hit, that’s why I am not going to get it dressed. She said Och don't be such a wee bairn, in her lilting Scottish highlands accent and grabbing my wrist she lead me out of the queue and then after grabbing her kit bag she lead me into the woods saying she was going to take care of me. As we walked along still hand in hand, she told me that nurses saw more penises than any other profession other than sex workers and that I was not to be silly about it. We arrived in a clearing which just had one thicket of scrub in the center, we stopped by that. The hot summer sunshine dappling our bodies through the foliage, there was no sound other than bird song and some undefined rustlings in the undergrowth. She looked all around holding her breath as she listened. She had her hand between her thighs as dropped down to a squat in front of me, I guess she was desperate now, the whole thing was a turn on to me. I was rampant. She pulled my shorts down and pants and then she giggled as she stared at my solid throbbing cock. Och my, Alistair your tadgers like a caber. Gripping it with one hand she gently cupped my scrotum in her other hot hand. She said your tadger and your baw bags are fine Alistair, very fine. But it's been a wee while that you were peltin hasn't it? I admitted that Jenny had been cold of late and it had been three months. She said well we will have to give you some relief and with that she pulled down on my sheaf which pulled my forskin down exposing the whole of my bunnet until it jerked on the frenum giving me a beautiful rush. She repeated that for a minute or so, staring at it closely and also glancing up and smiling, her face and lips flushed. Then she stood up and I was all over her, as I kissed her my hands grabbed each firm cheek of her ass and pulled her forward so my naked cock was pushed up hard under her t shirt against her bare belly. I had just started to feel her pert chebs when she pushed me away saying she needed the cludgie or she would pee her breeks. I guess I had been pressing on her straining bladder. With that she went round the other side of the thicket. A few minutes later she came back very red faced and trembling, she said she didnae goo as there's couple peltin on the other side. I said nooo, I have got to check it out it could be rape or something. I crept up and had a look. He was on top of her his arse going up and down the like a pistons engine, Her legs were hooked round his arse so that answered that, also she was making load sighing noises.