Written by Peltin

15 Mar 2011

I crept back from the other side of the thicket, so as to not disturb the peltin couple, who were by this time had worked up to a frantic rythm. To my surprise I came across Fiona in a squat with her breeks down round her knees pissing like her life depended on it. A terrific torrent of pee sparkling in the sun, as she relieved the pressure on her aching bladder. She jerked in surprise when she saw me and grinning she flushed red all over her face down her neck and on the slope of her chest. I just stood there open mouthed. Don't just stand there get my pack of tissues out of my bag. I routed through and found a whole toilet roll in there. So smiling I squatted down next to her a tearing one piece and gave it to her. I said is your fud a one piece one or do you need more? What do you think she said? Raising up her butt to a high squat, so I was gazing not only at the whole of her beautifully shaped arse but also to the whole of her pussy with it's downy covering of curly blond pubic hair. Oh Fiona, hen, I think you’re beautiful and my six pack has become an eight pack. With a trembling hand, instead of passing a tissue to her I gently patted it back and forth along her lips, her labia. You are not doing a very good job there Alistair you have to do the inside as well. Grabbing another tissue I put my face right close and gently opened up her lips and taking my pinky finger I traced it along her inner lips and said what there? No she said pulling the whole lot apart. She was coral pink going on scarlet her sexy erect pishflaps which were shaped like a butterfly were also parted, I could see the entrance to her vagina and her erect clitoris. It was obvious what she wanted, and I had lost control anyway and could not stop, so licking my finger I ran it round and round her vagina and finger fucked her for a good long time while she moaned. There I said? Then ran my finger round her clit, and said that bit too? Next thing I know she has turned round and tugging off my shorts. She said I'll make a banger out of you. She grabbed my cock and was slobbering the hell out of it. Alistair, she said, rape me, do it hard.

I threw her on he back and pulled and tore her clothes off while she gave a half hearted attempt at struggling, grinning all the time. I soon had her on her back and was lying between her thighs but she was wriggling and said call yourself a rapist. You aren't man enough. Grabbing both her wrists in one hand I forced them up above her head then taking her throat in the other hand I whispered stop that moving and let me in or I will fuck you to death. Giggling she raised her legs up in the air. Taking them I forced them up to her chest and parted them. I then ate her salty pussy out, the hairs tickled my cheeks as she grunted. You dirty bloody rapist it's all covered in pee, she said with a laugh. Then I mounted her and she kept saying rape, rape, you’re raping me you dirty bastard. I slipped in my bunnet, she was very wet and hot, I thrust gently slipping in the whole length in her tight vagina. When I could go no further I picked up the pace, thrusting with longer strokes, thrusting faster, thrusting harder. Banging my pubic bone on her mon, her body jerked along the ground with each thrust and her chebs bobbled about. Then I quickly turned her over, arse in the air head down and thrust in her vagina from the back, doggy fashion. I watched with satisfaction as my tadger came back out shining in her natural lube. I gave her good vigorous seeing to. Slapping her buttocks with my crotch with each thrust and teasing her clit with one hand and alternating between pinching her nipple and finger fucking her bum hole with the other. She told me to pull out before you come as she had no protection. She came with a load holler and as her cunt tightened up I spilled my seed deep inside her, oh nooooo she said I am ovulating, you have just knocked me up. I did apologise to her, but she hugged me tight to her breasts and locked her thighs round me to show no hard feelings and with ragged breath she said how nice it is to feel your hot cum spurting in me. We were both fair peched and it took me weeks to get the silly smile off my face. The bairn when it came looked just like me but we never let on about our moment of passion.