Written by kengeer

19 Jun 2014

we had been married since we were 18 and now me 37 and ann 36 we used to chat when watching porn about sex with others ann said she wanted me to fuck someone we know and she would do the same after months of proposing diffrent people we went clubbing with she mentioned liz a mates ex that never went out until recently she was about 5ft 3 curvy with nice tits long black hair below her shoulders and dark eyes ann said she had a few extra pounds but had big nipples and a dark trimmed pussy saying she got her horny

her ex was always watching to make sure she never went with a guy but after clubbing ann invited her back we were all wrecked and sat chatting and smoking dope ann joked saying to me to stop ogling lizs tits saying to liz he would fuck you in a minute saying to her he was a horny cunt

i went to the loo and came back to them giggling as ann asked me if i would fuck liz saying be honest as we had sort of rehersed this i said yes saying as if she would let me or you ann said to liz give him a kiss its nothing really she said okay as we kissed it was so sexy as she really enjoyed it as we stopped ann said she was getting a shower and changed hearing the toilet door close and the shower on i asked liz for another kiss surprisingly she agreed and as we kissed our tongues probing our mouths i stroked her legas she said we better not i said i knew she wanted to fuck and asked if ann said it was ok would she

as if she would she said as ann came in i said to her tell liz how we wanted to see each other fuck someone we knew and who they were ann said id let him fuck you and hear of it in the morning saying he is very dirty asking if she would do it for her liz was red faced saying okay as ann said go upstairs i stood up taking liz by the hand up to the room my mobile rang and ann was saying for me to fuck her putting it on speaker i said her tits have huge nipples and sag and are so horny looking saying her pussy is so dark and hairy and she is fingering her hole saying im away but left it on for ann to hear

kissing liz rubbing her pussy she moaned saying it was nice as i put my head between her legs licking her cunt she moaned so loud moving her hips saying ann got fucked last week as i saw her it was an old guy next door to me she is meeting him tomorow at mine i got up putting my cock up her fucking her she wriggled and moaned as i said ann liked her pussy also as liz said ann was so sexy fucking her in all positions she colapsed knackered and fell asleep