Written by unknown

3 Nov 2009

It all started on Friday evening, my wife and I were at a charity evening, she had helped a friend arrange I couldn't get there until around 10.30pm as I had made other arrangements weeks earlier.

By time I arrived everyone was quite merry ( in other words pissed )

The night had been a big success and they had made loads of money

Towards the charity they were sponsoring, getting back to the story

They had a band on and a disco everyone was up dancing I couldn't see my wife anywhere, just then mary her friend came over and said she's in the lounge sorting out the band as I walked in the lounge bar she was there having a drink with two guys she introduced me to them barry and dan, as I sat down barry said thanks Kathy it's been a great night I'm off now as I have quite a long drive home so off he went saying his good bye's dan started to get up and Kathy said stay for another drink dan the disco's on until 1am your quite welcome to stay and enjoy yourself dan decided to stay and asked us if we would like a drink Kathy said you two have a drink I off to have a dance so dan and i followed her back into the room he seemed a nice guy he was about 40 I'd say very witty and fun we had a few laughs and he seemed to have the same sort of humour as myself, any way as the drinks flowed we went onto the wine as there were 4 bottles of red on the table to be drunk, dan said he was only a 20 min taxi ride away so as we tucked into the wine Kathy came back over and joined us all the organisation etc was over and she could enjoy herself it was about 11.45 by now she was well worse for wear by now and dragged dan up to dance they were laughing and Kathy's a flirt at the best of time but as the night went by and people were starting to leave I suggested we went to the lounge bar as it was quieter there we were all getting along fine as I was getting the drinks in I looked back and could see Kathy rubbing dans thigh and laughing this quite turned me on she kept dragging dan off to dance as she knows I'm not a dancer I kept thinking about what if I could get her to have a threesome never thinking for one min it was going to ever happen we were all pissed bye now the disco had finished and everyone had near enough left it was 1am and I had just got the round in and they pulled the shutters down when we asked about another drink they said are you a resident which Kathy said yes as we were staying the night, well you can only order drinks to the room ance the bar is closed so dan said I'll ring a taxi now Kathy said in a sturn pissed voice NO the nights young yet dan, we have a complimentery bottle of champaigne up in the room come on up for a drink my mind started to go into over drive by now YES dan come on up, as we entered the lift Kathy was saying shush we have to be quiet in case someone sees us I said why incase they think we are going for a shag I said Kathy a shag !!! and started to laugh so did dan you mean a threesome dan said sound good to me I said as the lift doors opened we stumbled into the room it had a lounge part with a sofa bed and tv then the bedroom etc we opened the champers but it was warm so Kathy said go and get some ice as I was leaving with the ice bucket I said watch her dan she likes to flash her tits so watch your eyes kathy said there only tits to which I replied go on then get them out which she said I'm too shy yeah I said and left the room. By the way I am 51 and Kathy is 50 she is 5ft 6" blonde,a little plumpish and big tits and a great arse.

On the way along the corridor I was thinking it would be great if only she'd agree to a threesome, dan was separated as he told me earlier in conversation he was about 6ft and had dark brown hair not the sort I would say Kathy would go for but who knows when I'm not there, anyway as I got back to the room I knocked at the door as I forgot the key it was quiet and it took what seemed a while for dan to answer Kathy looked a bit flushed and I noticed her nipples were pertruding through her dress in fact they were like footballers studs, so I said did you get to see her tits yet dan Kathy butted in why are you jealous which I said yeah right as I put the ice down I was behind her and pulled the straps of her dress down to expose her tits bulging out of her bra dan couldn't believe his eyes, Kathy didn't flintch she dropped her arms to her sides her dress fell to the floor only her bra and thong were left I unbuttoned her bra as her tits exploded forwards as her bra fell to the floor i started playing with them tweeking her nipples as they were already erect. I could see dans crotch bulging Kathy said there only tits as she stepped out of her dress I sat her on the chair took the champers and poured some over her tits I started licking it off as I looked at dans face it was a picture are you enjoying that she slured I sure am here dan would you like a taste he was taken aback he was a bit hesitent and I beckoned him over Kathy sighed as he held her ample tit as he started to lick them his shines disappeared as he started to suck her nipples she started to sigh it was a picture a stranger on his knees in front of my wife sucking her tits with only her thong on I said well you've sucked her tits dan you deserve a kiss without hesitation they began kissing she wrapped her arms around his neck kissing passionetly he held gently on to her thighs as she sat there he moved away sitting back in his seat Kathy said I need the toilet as she stumbled to the loo I said dan you know you'll have to fuck her now. Dan said don't you mind well we have never done anything like this in 30yrs of marriage so why be jealous now and I'm here to watch I followed Kathy into the toilet she was sitting there thong down to her ankles oblivious to what was going to happen I said Kathy lets all have a threesome she just looked at me with those I'm pissed eyes and said I need to go to bed. ok you go we will be in shortly. She tried to stand up I helped her up kicking off her thong as she walked out of the loo starkers her shaved fanny glistening after just pissing, dan was'nt sure wether to look or turn away I said say good night to dan Kathy she stumbled over to kiss him he stood up and I said dan help her to the bedroom I need a piss as I looked on she fell onto the bed dan looked back at me and I just nodded yes he turned her over and started kissing her she responded he was groping her amle tits and stopped kissing every now and the to suck her tits he stood up and took of his clothes he had about 7/8" I'd say about the same as me he then opened her legs she didn't put up a fight he went straight down on her I could hear him lapping up her juices as he licked her and fingered her with his long fingers he kept looking back at me I said dan fill your boots mate fuck her sensless he then lay between her thighs and entered her she just gasped as he started to thrust away she lifted her knees up taking him fully she moaned by now I had my cock out wanking myself sensless watching my wife of 30 yrs getting fucked by some other guy a stranger in fact. He started heavy breathing as his thrusts were getting quicker all I could hear was the noise of his balls slapping against her wet twat as said turn her over dan she loves it doggy style he withdrew his cock kathys fanny was glistening in the light her tits now hanging as he started licking her from behind she buried her head into the pillow making a muffled moaning noise he started to rub his cock up and down her slit slapping it against her before stearing it into her gaping wet hole he held her hips and started to thrust up her slowly at first then harder and faster I had shot my load by now sitting there covered in my own spunk unable to leave incase I missed anything and anyway I was still quite stiff, hestarted to grunt then he said I'm going to cum go on fill her up dan I said with a final thrust he shot his hot spunk into her gaping fanny as he withdrew Kathy came to life she straddled him and started to ride him the noise of her juices splattering everywhere as she rode him I was hard again after she came for the third or forth time she just lay forward her tits in his face he fingered her and sucked her tits then said I'd better go now I asked him if he wanted to use the shower he just said no it's ok he dressed and left just like that, I went back to bed had to pile towels on it first as it was soaking wet, Kathy just lay there and said did you enjoy that fuck yes I said as she started laughing well I licked away his spunk from her wet puffed up cunt and we fucked twice more before going to sleep she was a bit hesitant in the morning leaving the hotel but she's talked about it quite a bit since I think we might try it again soon I hope. Will keep you's all informed if we do.