Written by Tony

8 Mar 2020

The shower

Lyn and I were walking off the beach towards the shower to wash sand from our feet. There was a couple stripping off, we thought for a swim. Lyn sat at one shower I at the other. On the other side of my pillar the woman started to shower. Got a out, hand covered in soap down the front of her very small nickers. Lyn sat the man in front of her a cloth around him, just hidding his cock.

My feet clean I turned away to dry them, Lyn did not. She looked. I turned back to put my shoes on, the woman was still showering. Lyn and I got to our feet. The woman stepped out of the shower and kissed me on the cheek, 'Thank you' she said.

'What for' I asked.

'For not looking'

Lyn slipped her arm around me and we walked off. 'Two men were getting an eye full.' She explained.

'..but I showered with her' I joked.

'Did you enjoy it?'

'Yes, what about you? Did you like him?'

'He was fit' she admitted.

'We can go back' I said.

'No' Lyn said. I was not sure how I should take her no.

For the rest of the day she commented on the couple. I recall brazen was used a lot...and she did get me back to bed as soon as we were back in the room.

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