Written by unknown

18 Jan 2009

it started off drinking all day into the evening we are a couple in our mid to late 40's my wife K IS 5FT 8" ABOUT A SIZE 12 AND BEAUTIFUL TITS everyone looks at them when we are out as you can tell and hear most of the remarks, we were out all day at a friends wedding then after the night time reception & disco we went into town as it finished at 11pm.

we went into our local haunts saw a few faces we knew, but then a group of younger guys came in they were a bit loud and pissed out of there minds but it made a change they were from Glasgow & Ireland, we chatted and they got K up for a few dances which was all fun they were a good laugh i noticed one of the lads from Glasgow keep going up stairs to where the toilets are i asked him was he ok he smiled and in a glasweigen voice said i'm fine all the girls leave to doors open there's fanny's everywhere i laughed, about half an hour later and another couple of drinks K was wandering or should i say staggering upstairs obviously to go to the toilet i though nothing of it until i saw the scottish guy following her up, i just sat chatting to the young guy's about 10 mins later they came back down he was helping her which i thought was nice i got up to get K another drink and the lad said no i'm getting you's them i said no but he persisted some of the guys went to the clubs others went to the hotel pissed but about 4 of them stayed behind they were talking to everyone not just us as they were dancing K said what a nice young guy he was there was a queue and he said nobodys in the gents so he led me in and anothe girl went in as well he said he'd look out for us,i said good on him then she said i'm sure he looked over the top as i was pulling my thong up i heard the other girl go and he said it's ok there's only you in now, as we were walking back he held my bum not knowing if it was to steady me or help me i laughed saying maybe he wants to fuck you she said meeeeee he's only about midd 20's i said nearer 30 i thought anyway nothing else was said the night went on she danced and flirted i could see him whispering in her ear wondering what he was up to she came back saying he was coming onto her i said are you bothered she said dont be silly i find it quite arousing just then i said why not bring him home and fuck his brains out she said he's too young i said the magic words i dare you off she went to dance with him again and then i saw them go upstairs again i followed up slowly behind them using the other stairs i could hear them in th gents talking not sure what they were saying but then i heard the cubicle door close i crept in just then the door slipped out of my hands so i had a piss i could hear them giggling like kids i pretended to go out hiding at the side of the cubicle i could hear them kissing and him fumbling about then K said No not here come back to mine he said no what about your hubby she said it's ok he's staying at his sisters tonight anyway looking after the dog and cat i left as i thought they'd come out.

back down stairs K said it's on i said i know i heard everything he was wanting to fuck me there and then i said well do him good. she said i'll call him al was wanting to share a taxi i said ok what hotel are you in he said i'm not i came down late was going to sleep on a floor i said well look stay at ours son we got out i could tell he was drunk but nervous i said good night son K will look after you i'm after staying at my sisters tonight around the other neighbourhood, K knowing i was not we live in a big house nobody over looking us and still have the tree house from when the kids were young looking straight into the house our bedroom, i walked around for 5 mins then entered our garden slowly un hitching the gate not to make a noise K had all the lights on as usual ( like blackpool 0 but she knows you cant see out if it's dark. i stood there as they had a drink in the kitchen just then they kissed his hands went everywhere over her body before i knew it her tits were out and he was feeding on themi could see him fingering her as she sat on the stool, they stopped and went upstairs i climbed the tree they fell into thr bedroom he stood there i could see she was undoing his jeans then started to suck him off he held her head as she moved in and out sucking him wildley she stood up his cock looked massive about 10" from where i was but thin she undressed as he did he lay her back sucking her tits fingering her bald wet fanny furiously then she beconed him on top for a tit wank i was wanking furiously by now as she would of known as he tit wanked her he cum in her face i think he was appologising to her she just wiped it off and licked her fingers then she started to suck him again instantly he went hard again ( what to be young again ) she bend onto her knees she looked stright at me as he held her hips fucking her sensless cuming over her back and arse they lay there for a while i'd cum 3 times by then it was starting to get cold so i crept inside as we have a bedroom downstairs as well i could hear them fucking again i was hard again hearing K moaning out loud fuck me fuck me cumin me i want you to fill me full of spunk as i wanked again i started to fall asleep just then the door opened it was k she was fucked good and proper she came over and said well you dared me and laughed he's asleep she then sat on my face as i licked his remaining spunk out of her and then she sucked me off saying he is very long and she was going to fuck him again in the morning so dont come home until after 9am. i did as she asked and she was fucked all day today but i'm fucking her tonight