Written by wayupnorth

4 Feb 2011

My wife is addicted to reading your horny stories, i`m not complaining because she fucks my brains out afterwards especially if she`s turned on by one of them.

My wife i`ll call K chats in the chat rooms and is always getting propositioned by men we`ve often talked about her meeting up but she`s not sure when i`m not there, we have dabbled in meeting guys on a night out etc and having a threesome or K getting fucked and me watching especially when we are away in a hotel for the weekend or away on holiday where nobody knows us.

Anyway she has been chatted up by this guy called rob for a few months they have sent pic of each other just normal face pictures nothing else, he knows she`s married but doesn`t know about her ventures in the past. He is 37 separated a self employed builder and has 2 children, K is 42 5ft 7” blonde and a size 12 with big tits. He has asked her out on numerous occations but she has refused I have egged her on to meet him but she has not taken up my offer until recently. I work away most of the time mon until fri but we keep in contact through the pc web cam etc she is pretty good a turning me on over the web playing with herself and her many toys, anyway I was in Aberdeen when I got a txt saying I won`t be online until 9 tonight, that’s not like K but thought nothing more about it, when she did contact me she rang me telling me she had been online and rob was begging her to meet up he only lives about a 45 min drive away, straight away I knew she wanted to meet him I said go on go for it let me know what happens as she always has if somebody chats her up etc.

The next night she was meeting him in town at 8pm she had to book a taxi as we live in the country about 20 min drive from town he offered to pick her up but she insisted they meet in town , she txt to say she was there waiting and then ok he`s here will txt you later, fuck me I was horny aand couldn`t settle in my hotel room thinking what she`d be up to.

I must of fell asleep because about 3am a txt said go on line now fuck me I shot to my pc and logged on there she said I have a surprise for you but I will tell you what happened first they went for a few drinks and for a meal about 11pm she said i`d better ring a taxi he said no i`ll drop you off as he pulled up outside our house he lent over and kissed K after a few kisses she said come in for a coffee are you sure he said yeah nobody will see you we don’t have neighbours nearby so in they went K said he was a perfect gentleman, once inside they chatted she said he was fun and taller than she expected , soon after he leant over to kiss her she responded before she knew it he had a tit out of her top licking and sucking her nipple which by now was erect and she said her knickers were wet then his hand went up her skirt she eagerly started to rub his cock through his trousers then he started to finger her wet eager pussy then onto his knees and started to lick and finger her, she cum and he licked her juices up before pulling her knickers off he stood up and she opened his trousers and unleashed his throbbing cock she started to lick his length and suck his balls before taking him deep inside her mouth he withdrew soon after and they undressed he took no time in rubbing his cock up and down her wet slit before thrusting deep inside her lifting her legs up high the insisting she mount him so he could suck her tits while she fucked him which she did he then bent her over and shot his load up her doggy style before getting dressed and leaving. My surprise was she was sitting there and his hot spunk was still dribbling out of her puffed up well fucked pussy. We are going to meet up again so I can join in and take a few pics.