Written by annon

21 Sep 2014

at a party I met angela,s friends and work mates they were all very polite and welcomed me some were married with husbands present most of them in there fortys and married for years

it was her best friend Claire and jims house which was huge with 8 bedrooms

it waslate and everyone was well oiled as I waited at the loo Claire said I could use her ensuite leading me to her room which was along the hall the bed was huge and I jokinly said it was for fun she said yes but not much fun at the moment and asked me to stay in the loo till she changed her dress as she had drink on it I pulled the door over leaving it ajar a bit I heard her say oh what will I wear as she asked would I say if her outfit was okay I walked in and she had a skirt and top on with dresses on the bed I noticed her top showing her red underwear and said yes red dress and dropped her skirt and removed her top showing her red basque and stockings I stared at her hairy pussy as she pulled her dress on saying zip me up please as I did saying her bed would be used tonight hope so she said as we entered the party her husband had went to the spare room and most had left or went to there rooms including angela I ended up chatting with Claire in the kitchen alone the subject got to sex as she said angela told her everything we did and how I like porn saying to follow her to the extention it had a huge sofa and tv I sat on the sofa as the lights went out and tv played as I looked it had porn of a girl getting fucked moaning getting nervouse as I got hard she asked did I like natural or smooth I said natural as she said she seen me looking at her watching the porn of a girl with a hairy bush getting licked out as she said she loves getting licked and said she loved talking dirty having sex I was solid thinking of fucking her as she said to me angela loves to fuck also I said yes so do I she said asking if I would fuck her if we met before I met angela yes I said if angela wanted to swap with her would I very much so I said she said jim likes heavier women like her and if he was fucking her now would I mind I said no it turns me on she used the remote and it showed jim fucking a girl doggy saying that's in the room upstairs as I noticed it was angela he was fucking saying sexy as she moaned her huge tits swinging saying I like small tits usually Claire pulled her dress down her tits very petite as she leaned over kissing me rubbing my cock saying she wants me to fuck her as she sat on me I rubbed her cunt it was so wet being slim she was tight as I lay on her as I got my cock in my hand guiding it up her saying your tight as I eased up her fucking her slowly till it was all in her she climaxed so hard feeling her juices run over me as she bucked her hips moaning as I shot my load up her she said give me it all up me we fucked for hours then fell asleep