Written by unknown

8 Jun 2008

i am a respectful lady in my mid 40's i have been married and faithful for 20 years until recently, we were on holiday and my husband has always been highly sexed so there's no need for me to go astray but about a yr ago my husband changed he was always on the internet or i caught him txting people but could never get this phone to check aqfter 20yrs you know somethings going on when one day he was called away and he left his screen name open as being a woman i started to look and noticed he had quite a few lady friends on the net and was looking on porn sites and dating sites also this site ( thats where i got the idea to come on and tell my story ) as i am often on looking and masterbating reading others storys, i confronted my hubby about the ladys and he said it was all a bit of fun & flirting he didn't know i saw the pics the others were sending him and visa versa but i knew he was not straying as he never goes out or away. anyway getting back to my story, as i said we were on holiday in Cancun sunning it up like any other people would do for our yearly breakwe were in our last week all tanned up and sick of drink and suddenly my hubby got a phone call he had to travel back to the uk as he is a company director and he needed to be there ( ) say no more !!!

he said you stay and enjoy the rest of the week i told him i had no intention of doing anything else so off he went the next evening, i was sitting in the outside bar when a group of guy's came in they had'nt been on holiday long as they were all as red as a beetroot i sat there minding my own business and pretending to read my book they were having a good time by the sounds of it i could over hear them going on about the girls in the disco the evening before and what some of them got up to after a while i could see a couple of them looking over i knew it was just a matter of time before they came over, and sure enough they did, asking where i was from and how come i was by myself etc. they were nice guys from England different parts of the country which i already knew listening to there accents they offered me a drink and i said no thanks i'm off to bed shortly they were perfect gentlemen and off i went. the next day i was lying on the beach and someoine came and sat next to my sunbed it was one of the guys from the night before he said hi do you mind me sitting next to you as all his mates were away on a fishing trip and he didn't fish i said No hi am Ian we were talking last night i said yes i remember Hello i am Penny, he lay there not saying a word just turning now and then to catch an all over tan i pressume i could not help myself looking at him he was about 10 yrs younger than me and not bad looking i myself am quite ok for my age i go to the gym etc and take pretty good care of myself if i say so myself, anyway after a while he waved the waiter over and offered to buy me a drink as he was getting one himself well i didn't really want one but it was all enclusive and i didn't want to be rude so i said ok just a bottle of beer he had the same we sat and talked and after 3 or 4 more he decided to go for a dip in the sea he dropped his shorts and had a skimpy pair of bathers on i couldn't take my eyes off the buldge he had in them i was getting aroused lying there while he was away swimming as he returned i pretended to be asleep but he couldn't see me looking as i had my sun glasses on and everything stood out i could feel myself getting damp below, he lay down and i pretended to wake up and i said would you like me to put some cream on your back he said if you dont mind i said ok as i did by mistake i may say i rubber my nipple across him as the waves of excitment came over me i nearly cum. ( he is back part 2 soon xx