Written by unknown

13 Jun 2008

it all started about two months ago my wife normally goes out with her friend on a saturday night and sometimes we meet up and get a taxi back together as her friend lives in town, i met her at the same bar about 12'ish and carol her friend left us to go home, they were both quite drunk as usual i went to the bar to get myself a drink looking across i could see this enormous guy chatting to her she kept looking up to see if i was looking but i thought nothing else of it when i returned this guy cam back over he was well pissed up and said you have a beautiful wife i just said yeah and shrugged it off smiling to myself a few mins later he came across took my wife by the hand and started to dance around with her, she's up for a laugh so danced with him i'm not the jealous type so just sat there laughing as she looked over, he was a big guy about 45 to 50yrs of age about 6ft 5". myself and my wife are 42yrs old, she's very good looking blonde about a size 14 and has lovely 38D tits she' only about 5ft 7" & i'm only 5ft 7" tall as well, he was well built and i couldn't help looking at his hands they were like shovels if i didn't want him to dance with her to be honest there's not a lot i could of done anyway, but he seemed ok after a few mins she came back over so did he and thanked me ? i said it's ok anytime after a few more dances we left, when we got home she went to bed i was watching M.O.T.D as i had taped it as you do i could hear her upstairs moving around so i went up quietly there she was on top of the bed wanking herself with her vibrator up her not knowing i was there well i thought fuck M.O.T.D and as she opened her eyes she saw me and pulled it out and stopped playing with herself i said carry on i'll help you as i sucked her tits and fingered her wet fanny she said what a big guy he was in the bar i said straight out is that who you were thinking about she said sort of very rugged well to be honest that turned me on as she'd never before talked about other people like thati ha dtried over the years to persuade her but nothing ever come of it. anyway we fucked then went to sleep, the next week was the same this guy was there came as i came into the pub talking to her i went straight over and offered them a drink he said no i'll leave you to sit with your wife i said no your ok so off i went to get them and myself a drink he was not as pissed as the last time but he seemed a real nice guy he then bought us a drink and she danced with him a few times she flirted like she does and at the end of the night he said do you's fancy coming to a club but we said no and left in the taxi i could tell she was horny again so as soon as we got home she went upstairs and i could hear the vibrator again up i went to fuck her as i sat her on top of me i saked her was she thinking of him she said yes thats when i started to think to myself maybe i will have my way of a threesome , the next week i didn't meet her but whe she came in she said he was there again she went in with carol but she soon left as she waited for her taxi he came across again bought her a drink without asking her and started to chat asking where i was etc he asked her to dance she said no my taxi's due soon but he pulled her up and they danced for a while she said he started to hold her by the hips his hands were massive she said i already knew that he walked her to the taxi and he kissed her and started to feel her bum then she said no i'm married so he said so he's not here anyway she got into the cab and came home this arroused me we fucked as usual and thought nothing else about it as she always gets attention when she's out. the next week carol was away on holiday my wife had the keys looking after her flat to feed the cat etc anyway we went out together we went to the bar earlier than we normally do he was there we were both quite drunk he came straight over to us we chatted and they danced he had a friend with him and he said they were going to a party do you's fancy coming, we said no we are going to stay here then we have to go to our friends flat to let her cat in before we go home anyway off he went we had a good time both pissed up and about 2 hours later just about to leave he came back in saying it was a crap party dont go now we said we have to it was about 1.30am he said which way are you's going we said and he said he'd walk that way he only come back to see us anyway we arrived back at the flat which was only 5 mins away she invited him in as he said he could do with the toilet just then i said to my wife why dont we stay the night carol wouldn't mind she said i'm not sure but after a bit of gentle persuation she said ok we said we were going to stay and she said to him do you fancy a drink here he said yes ok i went to the toilet as i was in there it seemed quiet i quietly walked out and could hear them talking quietly go on gave me a kiss she was saying no he might come in, i walked in as they looked at me before anyone could say anything i said go on give him a kiss and laughed she did quickly i said give him a proper kiss then she did they were tongueing each other i though here we go i might get my wish, just then i said she's been having dirty thoughts about you every time she's seen you she looked embarressed and he said did you she turned away i said she cant get ovet the size of your hands and fancys a rugged man as she calls you he laughed i said well dont dissapoint her let her feel how big your hands are she blushed and said i need to toilet off she went i said to him now are you going to make her night and fuck her he looked surprised i siad i mean it he started grinning and said is she ok with this i said she's wanked everytime she has seen you he said ok then i could see a bulge in his trousers, he sat down as she came back into the room she had changed into one of carols nighties and dressing gown she said i hope you dont mind me getting comfy, i said well sit on his knee and get comfortable then she blushed again i grabbed her hand and pulled her over to him there you go he wont bite as i sat her on him i could see her moving around i could tell she felt him hard on pressing against her arse he held her hips she looked lost on his knee the size of him and his hands seemed to cover all her hips i said go on the you's are allowed to kiss again i know you both enjoyed it so he pulled her shoulder down to him and they started kissing and tongueing again i could see she was responding much better now he started to rub her bum i siad i'll leave you's for a while to get to know each other better i couldn't really go very far as it was a 1 bedroomed flat so i went into the kitchen dinner which is all in the same room as i looked over his hands were moving slowly up her thighs the dressing gown was pushed to one side and she was starting to open her legs slightly his hands moving up to her tits he was playing with them over the dressing gown i said take that thing off so she did not looking over as if i was not there her nipples were sticking through the nightie he started to suck her nipples through the nightie and his hands were now opening her legs his big hand was moving her knickers to one side and his big fat fingers were now rubbing her wet fanny i could hear a squelching noise as he fingered her she must of cum as she groaned and fany was spalshing her juices all over he lifted her as she was a doll lifted her nightie up over her head and burried his face into her tits as she stood there he finger fucked her all i could hear was the squelching of them going in and out as he sucked her tits she looked over i started to get my cock out and wank she said come over i said no you are his for now he stood up and unfassened his belt and dropped his trousers he had a big cock but i was surprised i though he might have 12" the size of his hands but i'd say about 8" and fat he just held her head and motioned her down to suck his cock as she did i nearly cum she was taking it all in one gulp and playing with his big balls he pulled her away sat down and told her to straddle him as she did she sighed heavily sa he entered her she was squirting all over the noise of her cum splashing on hin as she bounced up and down his fat shaft he started to finger her bum and suck her tits i could tell he was about to cum as she came down and he thrust up she collapsed in his arms as he shot his wad up her he looked at me and thanked me ? i had already cum myself, he dressed and left i got straight down to her wet gaping well fuck hole and started to lick her i couldn't hold back i had to mount her and fuck her soggy hole until i came up her she then sucked every last drop off me we talked and she said she'd never imagined it to be like that she was so hyped up and horny we fucked a few times had to strip the bed to was carols bed clothes we've never seen him since but she has her eye on someone else so i think we will have a re-run one day soon.