Written by unknown

5 Jun 2008

it all started a few years ago we have a friend called Kenn he ahas always fancied my wife , he even knew her long before i ever met her & has always said he used to wank himself off over her. anyway a few years ago we had a bit to drink and as we got the taxi to come home i said to kenn you go into the back and try and put your hand into her thong as the taxi journey's about 15 mins he knew he didn't have much time i could she her moving about in the back knowing she couldn't go anywhere or do anything as he felt her fanny through her thong as we got back she said to kenn come in and have another drink before you go home as he lives within walking distance he said ok. we were inside the house and i said i could see you were trying he said i was fingering her wet cunt she was looking to see if i could see affraid you'd catch us. i just laughed and said when she goes upstairs you follow her about 20 mins later and a couple of drinks she said i'm off to bed staggering upstairs. after 5 mins i said you go up and sneak into the bedroom he did as i stood on the stairs listening he started kissing her i could hear her saying No kenn he might come in kenn said he's fallen asleep on the sofa she said No i heard him saying just let me suck your tits for now i could hear him slurping at her nipples then he came out saying she was naked and wet waiting for a shag i was fingering her and the slurping i could her was him sucking on her cunt lips. anyway that was all that happened that night a few months later i was going to spain with a few friends golfing then the wife's were following out a few days later, so she came down to manchester for a few days before she flew out as our friends were from there so we stayed at a holiday inn or travel lodge hotel she booked in for 2 nights i was there only over night as i flew the next morning. anyway i rang kenn and said look if you can come down to manchester for a night your sure to fuck her i fucked her ridged that night knowing she had no idea kenn was coming the next day he rang her asking for me she said i was away and she was shopping in manchester for a couple of days before she flew out he said i'm only 20 mins from there working i'll call across and see you she said ok not knowing i had set this up as kenn works all over the place she'd be none of the wiser.

he txt me to say he was going to see her that afternoon i rang him and said take her out for a drink all day and i bet you will be in there , she had always said she'd like to try another guy but always changed her mind when i suggested it. so he came down that day and off they went for a few drinks about 3pm he said they were out until about 6 and kenn said it's a pitty i cant have a drink as i'm staying in preston ( which he was not ) you can stay in the spare put up bed if you want not knowing i knew she'd say that ok kenn said so he started drinking they arrived back about 11 pm pissed up kenn said i didn't try anything while i was out incase it spoilt things anyway inside the lobby bar he said i thought why not there were only a couple of people around she was wearing a low cut top and skirt he said i started to hold her leg and she said nothing so my hand kept running up her leg ithought my cock was going to explode she said kenn you cant say to ???? you stayed over it's best not to say you were hear he said ok no problem then i lent over her and we kissed i said lets go upstairs so we did he kept me informed by txt every now and then i said kenn fuckthe txts go for it fuck her sensless, so he said as soon as she got into the room she started to look nervious and said i hope ???? never finds out about this kenn said how could he , he's in spain and the they started kissing he started to lift her ample tits out of her low cut top and sucking her nipples she then moaned and lay back on the bed my hand went stright up het thighs and into he knickers fingering her juicy cunt sher cum straight away as i said to him she normally does in gallons he lifted her up and pulled off her pants then started licking her she was thrusting her hips up and saying we shouldn't be doing this i said nothing and stood up and dropped my jeans and shorts my cock was solid i said suck this i've always dreamed about fucking you she wrapped her lipd around my cock sucking away as i fondled her tits i cum and she didn't move swallowing every drop then i entered her dripping pussy she was moaning loudly as we fucked hard then slowly then fast she cum like i've never known a woman to cum before the bed was drenched she said let me on top while she fucked me her tits were bouncing in my face she cum again i thought she'd never stop. i turned her over and fucked her doggy she cum aagin and so did i falling to the bed on the back of her, the next morning we fucked again in the shower and in the bed . she flew out that night i asked her did she have a good couple of days shopping she said yes and to this day she doesn't know i know she fucked my friend kenn. he now and then calles in and i see them whispering but he said she wouldn't doit again while i'm around but i'm working on it i will let you's know.