Written by unknown

25 Apr 2009

i have been a fan of this site for quite a while,since finding my husband reading the stories which he left the site open one night by mistake, looking now and then and reading the stories, i have to say a few have made me some what wet with excitement, never thinking one day i'd be writing to tell everyone about me being unfaithful.

my hubby has always been a bit of a lad a few times i've over heard him on about other women and what he would love to do to them when out with his mates, i'm not sure if he'd ever gone through with it before but i would say he has ( the Bastard )

anyway we were on holiday in ibiza just a week ago he ws his normal self out on the piss all the time, not showing me the slightest interest apart from when he wanted money or his leg over, we met up with a few couples about our age i'm 37 and he is 39 we have a son at Leeds university so he was not with us, a few times he stayed out drinking and crept in about 4am 'im used to it and not wanting to argue i suppose i just put up with it, anyway one evening i went off to bed about 1am then remembered i needed a bottle of water so turned back to get on, i heard ian ( my hubby ) telling one of the guy's how he had enjoyed the other night he couldn't see me as i was behind a wall at the counter, i heard him saying she was great fun and how he had her on her knees on the sunbed fucking the arse off her, not saying a word off i went to bed he came up about 3am i think the next day he went off with a couple of the guys we met to go jet skiing i couldn't get it off my mind him bragging to strangers about fucking this woman he had just met, i know who he ment she was about 45 blond hair big tits and was all over anyone that showed her any interest.

about 15 mins later i was sun bathing and this guy about 27 /29 i'sh came up to me asking did i want free tickets for a club, i said no i dont go clubbing i'm too old for that these days he laughed and said come on there free and you only look about 25, yeah i said laughing then he said are you married i said NO what made me say that i still dont know wether it was because i thought ian was a Bastard or what i dont know, he said well let me take you, he seemed a fun guy very plesent and quite handsome in fact i fancied the pants off him, meeee getting all this attention i was not used to. i said ok there again thinking why did i say yes ??? he said he would meet me about 9.30 at the hotel i said no i'm here with friends i'm staying somewhere else so we arranged to meet at a restaurant.

ian came back and before i could say anything he said is it ok babe if i go out with the guys tonight as it's john & robs last night and they are wanting to go to manumition i said yes thinking great its my excuse to go out as the day went on all i could think about was my night out the guilt of it was starting to get to me then i thought about this other woman and thought fuck it i'm going we went out about 7pm had food a few drinks and off he went about 9.45 i was worried as i was late but Dave the guy was there waiting for me, straight away i said it's not manumition were going to is it he laughed and said no i have my car it's 15 drive from here we went off in his car me all shy and excited, we stopped off at this bar for drinks, he said who was that guy you were kissing i blushed and said sorry i am married he was my hubby he laughed and said it's ok i was passing and saw you in the restaurant. i told him how unhappy i was and what a twat ian was he smiled and said anyway drink up we have a date he drove me to a beach bar it was lovely looking out over the cove he turned and kissed me i kissed him back, he took my hand and led me to his car not saying a word he kissed me again kissing my neck softly, i just melted his hands ran up my inner thigh i could feel my pussy getting wet his fingers moved my panties to one side and started to run his big fingers up and down my wet slit then gently fingering my now very wet hole before i knew it he was sucking my now very erect nipples he held my hand and placed it on his hard cock i was so horny and excited i was shaking trying to get his cock out when i did i started to wank him he was circumsised i'd never seen one like that before all i could think of was what a big helmet he had before long i was licking it and slowly easing it into my mouth as i sucked him he seemed to get bigger and harder.

as i lent forward to suck him more i could feel his hand on my arse rubbing my arse hole never having anal before i was so aroused i couldn't stop him he fingered my arse gently it hurt a bit but then it made me even wetter he said lets lay on the beach he brought out a blanket from his boot and as i lay there he gently lifted my hips and pulled my thong off he was kissing and licking me i cum like never before bucking as i came we were naked and he lay on top of me kissing my neck then his hard cock began to enter my wet pussy gently pushing it up further and further before long i was biting his shoulder as he lifted my legs up into the air i'd never felt a cock fill me like this one then he came it was fantastic it seemed like he came for ever then he straddled me and placed his spunky cock between my tits it started to harden again and he was fingering my soaking wet pussy bringing me to another orgasm he then put the cock tip to my mouth and i started to suck him again before long he turned me over and we were doing it doggy style then he entered my arse he was very caring and gentle and i have to say i enjoyed it especially as he came up my arse we never got to the club he had me home by 2am i was fuyll of his cum and well and truly fucked.

ian came in later and tried to fuck me instead i let him lick my well spunk filled pussy him not knowing he was slurping another guys juices.