Written by unknown

2 Apr 2008

i'm a mother of 2 grown up children & just became a grandmother, people dont believe me when i say i'm coming up 49 i'm 5ft 7in blonde size 14 and size 34e breasts. one day i was out with friends after our meal we decide to go for a drink once we were in there a while a couple of guy's came up to us and started chatting lynn was drunk and was kind of egging them on we were having a good laugh when i said to judy it's 10.30 as bill her hubby was picking her up i walked her to the road end and he was there he asked if i wanted a ride home i saiid no i'd better make sure lynn gets home ok so off they went and i went back into the pub i couldn't see lynn anywhere the other guy came up to me and said she's away to the toilet so he asked if i wanted another drink i said no but he seemed nice and persevered asking so i said ok. about 5 mins passed i said i'd better see if she 's ok he said my friend took her there so up i went i saw her sitting on the sofa's snogging this guy oblivious to anyone he had his hand up her top fondling her breasts this kind of turned me on as i looked on i felt a hand on my hip i turned and the guy started to kiss me i said i'm married your only young he asked how old i was when i said nearly 49 it didn't seem to bother him he said so what i'm 35 and started to hold my hips he kissed me i felt everyone was looking at us so i pulled away again he said come with me so we sat in another part of the upstairs room i could see lynn she was rubbing his cock ove rhis pants and he had his hand down her pants fingering her i got very aroused he started to feel my tits then his hands went down to the middle of my legs i could feel myself getting wet & horny embarressed i said i need the loo, as i waked in i was trembling with excitment and wet i was just about to walk into the cubicle and the door behind me opened it was him before i could say anything he walked me backwards into the cubicle and felt my fanny rubbing away while kissing me i just melted not bothered if anyone came in or herd just wet & horny i sat down on the toilet and pulled out his cock sucking away he muttered i bet you do this all the time you horny frucking bitch this made me wetter all this talk i sucked him until he nearly cum he withdrew and told me to sit on him i dropped my panties and positioned his cock into my hole we were riding like too youngsters i cum and then he cum into me i'd never been with anyone else for at least 25yrs and didn't want it to end he then stood me up and lifted my leg around him and entered me again i sighed and i cum again his ball were slapping against me amd we kissed he sucked my nipples that were by now hard and the size of door stops he had his finger up my arse hole and i was enjoying it he said have you ever had anal i said no it's your lucky night then he said turning me over and slipping it up my arse i felt a bit sore but over cum with lust he exploded into my arse and we got ready and left the toilet somebody must of herd us i'm sure but didn't care less my friend layter spewed up and i had to take her home but we've kept intouch and he fucks me regulary while hubby goes to his boring social club i mad emy hubby lick me out the other night him not knowing he was swallowing the other guy's spunk it turned me on so much what a dirty slut i'm becoming at the age of 49 & i'm loving it