Written by unknown

17 Nov 2009

This is the second posting I've made thought I'd let you know how things have progressed, the last time I told you all about the guy who's wife I'm fucking thanks me everytime he picks her up from work thinking I'm waiting with her until he arrives not knowing I'm fucking the arse off her.

Anyway as I said the last time I have tried to get her to let me and a friend fuck her she always seemed interested always said I'd rather have just you well that was until the other night, she arranged to meet up at thye weekend her hubby was baby sitting so we had all night until around 3am he thinking she was clubbing, she arrived around mine about 8.30 dressed in very tight fitting jeans and a very flattering top which showed her tits off very well. as soon as she arrived we were at it like rabbits her tits were in my face as I loosened the button on her jeans she had no knickers on freshly shaven I was fingering her juicy pussy as her nipples hardened in my mouth as we kissed she started to rub my now rock hard cock though my jeans frantically loosening my buttons to get at my cock we fell back on to the couch as I pulled her jeans down to her ankles the smell of wet juicy fanny in my face took over I didn't even take my jeans off I just thrust my cock straight up her wet eager cunt as she wrapped her legs around me tightly, I started to cum lifting her legs straight up over my shoulders as I filled her full of my hot spunk, I opened her legs pulling my cock out and watching my spunk slowly seep out of her gaping cunt, she then sat up and licked my cock clean.

An hour or so passed we were having a drink and watching a film the door bell went it was my mate calling to see if I fancied going for a drink, I invited him in, as he entered he could see I had company and said oops sorry I didn't know you had a friend here I said sit down I'll get you a drink I introduced them to each other and we chatted aand had a laugh, after a while my mate said I had better get going now I said where you off he said know where just thought I'd leave you's two together before I could say anything she said no don't go have another drink we have nothing planned as I got him a drink my mind started racing I beconed her in the kitchen and said you had better make it worth it for me asking him to stay as I'm ready to fuck the arse off you again she smiled and said I will I said what do you have in mind what ever you want she said as we went back into the living room and sat down I said to my mate becky's going to give us a strip show she looked at me amazed and said I don't want to embarrass him as she said that he said you wont she just lifted her top over her head and looked straight at me and said I need a hand unhooking my bra I looked at my mate and said go on then as he did her tits fell forward I could see him hardening as I was I said come on then get your jeans off knowing she had no knickers on and still sticky with my cum, she hesitated a bit taking her time she slowly started dropping her jeans I moved forward behind her and pulled them down her arse in my face and shaven her cunt facing my mate, he looked in amazement as I started to lick and kiss her arse she bent forward as I licked her arse hole and cunt lips I stood up threw her down on the couch and pulled off her jeans and whispered in her ear your going to get the fucking of your life now she looked and smiled knowing what she was in for I slowly kisse down to her hips looked around to my mate and said what you waiting for get your self over here and join in I didn't have to ask him twice he was sucking her tits like they were going to dissapear as I fingered and licked her cunt she started to rub his balls and now rock hard cock she pulled his cock to her mouth and started sucking him she was wet and randy now as I pulled her up and turned her over she never left go of his cock still sucking him as I entered her from behind bucking her while my thumb found it's way up her arse hole we changed over as he fucked her she sucked me fucking someone elses wife is great but now there were two of us going big guns into her I shot my load into her mouth and soon after he emptied his all over her back and arse we rode her all night fucking her in every hole filling her full of hot sticky cum before sending her back home to her hubby.

I am still fucking her regular and she wants another threesome as soon as she can get a night out, she is a regular spunk bucket ( only if her hubby knew )