Written by unknown

2 Apr 2008

it started a few weeks before as us girls do tell each other stories of date's etc, my friend christine was telling me about her first one night stand how they kissed and he fucked her in the park near by, i felt so aroused after she left i started to masturbate and got out my toy i was so horny as i've only ever been with one guy thats my husband whom i love very much, we have 1 child so we dont get out much especially together, i'd been wanking myself over the last few weeks just thinking how i'd love to be in that situation, we have a fantastic sex life but i always felt i'd missed something anyway i went on a weekend away with my friends to Newcastle for a hen night & shopping. we travelled up there on a friday afternoon booked into the travel lodge unpacked & went out i'm not a big drinker but the girls were throwing the drinks back i had to go for a lie down about 6pm and they got me up and ready about 9pm to go out again i was still a bit tipsy but as it was only 2 nights thought i'd better go i rang home to see everything was ok and went out to enjoy the night we went around the famous big market which was fun and then went on clubbing i felt great i we were getting chatted up all over the place it seemed years since anyone chatted me up i'm not street wise in that way i'm 26 medium build size 12 / 14 ample chest and blonde hair only samll 5ft 5in we were all having a great time in the club dancing drinking FEW GIRLS HAD COPPED OFF and one friend who is also married said to me enjoy yourself what goes on this weekend stays with us girls. she was with a guy mins later kissing him i could see her arse being felt and he was holding her real close they were going for it big time i was a bit pissed so decided to go to the toilet i asked one of the bouncers where the nearest toilet was and he pointed me in the direction after waiting in a queue as us girls have to i came out and couldn't find my friends while staggering around looking for them the same bouncer came up to me & asked was i ok i told him about my friends & he said stay close to me you'll be ok we got chatting he said he couldn't buy me a drink as he wasn't allowed to but i'd had enough anyway, he asked why i was up there so i told him andwas not sure how to get back to the t/ lodge he said he knew which one i was on about if you hang around 15 mins i'll take you there i was a bit worried incase anyone saw me but thought i'm lost so i've no choice he came outside after 10 mins or so and said look i know a bar around the corner they serve us after time do you fancy a drink i said i'm a married woman & he just laughed and held my hand and off we went inside we were drinking i only had water as i was a bit drunk he started flirting with me i told him about my hubby at home with my little one he said look enjoy yourself and he started to hold my waist the thoughs of being unfaithfull fell about me but it was also very arousing thinking about my friend weeks earlier, the guy was not my type really about 6ft 2in very burly and rough looking but in a sexy way he started to kiss me which i pulled back at first then all the amotion come over me before i knew it we were tongueing he was rubbing my arse under my flimsy checked skirt running his fingers up the crack of my bum underneath the back of my thong, i felt so horny , affraid, guilty but i wanted him so much inside of me we left he took me along an alley at the side of the pub behind one of those refuse bins his fingers went deep inside me as we kissed i cum as apart from my hubby know one had done that to me before i could feel his cock buldging in his trousers he had my tits out sucking them and before i knew it his cock was in my hand much bigger and thicker than my hubby's i started wanking him he looked at me and said suck it i'd never been talked to like that before but found it arousing dropping down i put the tip into my mouth i couldn't get it all in at first but he lunged forward and it nearly choked me i was sucking away he held my head then cum in my mouth i'd never had that done to me before my thong was dripping wet from my juices he lifted me up dropped his trousers and wrapped my legs around him he pulled my thong to one side and he entered me bringing me to the most amasing climax i've ever had he was so big and strong i felt i was perched on this rod of thick steel my hubby's never been that hard before he rode me i came again and again he put me down & took my dripping thong off he put it itno his pocket saying this is my keep sake and turned me around taking me from behind i thought of my hubby at home and this made me hornier for some reason cheating on him doing something i''ve always thought about i started to shiver and we cum together i