Written by unknown

2 Apr 2008

it was about a month ago me and my hubby were going through a bad patch as i found out he was having an afair with a friend of mine for 8 months, we had a great sex life and though it strange all of a sudden i was toying myself all the time to please myself as we argued we never had sex for about 12 weeks, i got him off to work, got the kids off to school done the bit shopping on my way back i was feeling very horny so decided i'd frigg myself so when i got in i put on a porn film we used to watch and started to touch myself placing a pillow under the arch of my back i rubbed my clit running my fingers up and down my wet slit really enjoying it then i got out my vibe feeling it buzzing against my nipples slowly moving it up and down my belly and over my clit i started to get very wet so decided to get a towel to put under me then i started to frigg myself with it slowly at first rubbing it up and down occasionally putting the tip into me a bit further every time until it was right in it's about 12" and thick and vibrates very loud at full speed i started to cu cupping my tit while i stabbed my cunt in and out hard and fast moaning & cum'n all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye i saw the window cleaner was there on his ladder just looking at me i didn't know wether to carry on stop cover myself i felt embarresed but i felt hornier knowing someone was watching me so i started to rub it over my clit it was wet with my cum i threw my head back again as i orgasmed just lay there vibe in my hand legs akimbo and my fanny flowing my juices all over , when i looked again he was gone then the door bell went i knew straight away who it was i didn't know how i could face him but it turned me on thinking he was probibly hard and horny watching me, as i opened the door i only had a robe on he said could i fill my bucket up and open the side so i could let him in which i did he was red with excitment i could see his bulge in his trousers as his bucket filled i think with all his excitment he came stright out with it saying he saw me with my vibrator ,he said whats a sexy lady doing with one of those if i were your husband i'd be shagging you all the time i said we were going through a bad time & it was about 12 wks since he had touched me i seemed to blurt out everything about his afair & what going wrong . he walked stright over and kissed me putting his hands stright into my robe i just melted having a mans hands on me again without a second to spare my robe was off he had me over the table licking my fanny while squeezing my tits i came instantly he stood up licked his lips dropped his pants and fucked me hard and fast there and then i was screaming with delight he turned me over and took me from behind he withdrew and i could feel his hot spunk shooting all over my arse & back it felt so good but i wanted his hot spunk inside of me so i led him into the hallway & upstairs my vibe was still on the soaking wet towel on the bed he lay me down picked up the vibe and started to lick it he then ran it up and down my cunt lips i lay there and cum again he shoved it up me time and time again i came a few times never like before he took off his clothes lay beside me and in the 69 position i tasted him while he tasted me it lasted all afternoon fucking & sucking i was so full of spunk it seemed to leak out of me hours later, me and my hubby are trying to put things right how it will end who knows but the window cleaner still fucks me once a month and i'll never give that up