Written by wayupnorth

30 Aug 2008

it all started about 3 months ago i met a few guys through playing golf didn't know them that well until we went away on a golfing weekend. they all knew i was seperated as i have been for about 14 months we were golfing then going on the piss that night we were out until about 4am we got back to one of the lads pads were we were staying a few went to bed a couple of us stayed up drinking when the guy trev said do you want to see the bird i fucked on video we all said yes straight away as it started he told us he had chatted her up one night and brought her back to his he said she was gagging for it as the video started we were all eager to watch all you could make out was the noise of the making out then it came on she wandered into the room and was sucking him off as he winked at the camera her arse was up in the air and her fanny was in full view as he fingered her it was'nt until she came up for air i noticed it was her i was numb but then again found it arousing i didn't say anything he went down on her she was moaning loud and he was talking dirty to her like you want me to fuck you bitch dont you she was saying fuck me hard i was amazed he then came up put his cock between her tits and tit wanked her every now and again thrusting it in her mouth saying suck this bitch he then bent her over and licked her wet cunt and fingering her arse he then started to fuck her hard and pulling out and thrusting it in hard again the other lads were saying you lucky bastard what a horny bitch she was saying they would like to fuck her he turned her over and fucked her hard again you could hear her fanny squeltching as he cum up her he then laid her down and made her frig herself for the camera she was gushing everywhere he then wanked and shot his load in her face, it finished then and he said she had agreed to meet again and agreed to have 2 guys fuck her and maybe anothe woman as well. fuck me i missed out again