Written by Davy doo da

8 Dec 2010

we were all a bit merry after having friends around the house, jill my wife of 20+ yrs was chatting to her friend she has knew for 3o or so yrs she and liz were well pissed chatting away there were 6 of them talking shite, it was about 1 am and the guy`s were sitting in the conservitory just talking shite as usual.

anyway i said i`ll get a few more drinks as i walked into the kitchen i over heard karen another of our friends saying john was not her first and so it went the others saying if they had other lovers etc my ears pricked up and so did my dick when jill said dave was not mine a big ooooh came out as they quizzed her, they shut the door leading through to the conservitory not knowing i came in the kitchen through the other door, just then she said i was 15 and i used to baby sit for a guy and his wife who used to work with her dad, now her dad was an old fashioned irishman anything he said goes, so really she had no other option, anyway she said he used to call back about 10pm to see if everything was ok as the pub was just around the corner, it all started when he started to feel her tits ( she has always had a great pair of tits and a great arse ) jill is 5ft 8" in her bare feet and then all the girls wore high heels so she was nearly 6ft ( just a bit of info so you`s get a good idea.

at the time i was seeing jill but i was only 16 and horny as hell as you are at that age but she would never let me baby sit incase her dad caught us, so anyway she went on a few weeks later he came home at 9.30pm and started to fondle her fanny she was scared to tell her dad because he`d never believe her but then she said in a strange way i enjoyed it, he then told her to get on her knees had her tits out of her t/shirt and bra and he got his cock out she said it was massive as she had only wanked me by then and mine was so small to his she said, i was`nt hurt i nearly had to get my cock out there and then and wank myself. as she sucked him off he lay her down and had a tit wank before emptiying his load all over her tits,

he had to go back then, but a week or so later his wife was on night shift so asked her to sit so he could go out for a pint or two she said she knew what was going to happen but was aroused by it all that night he came back about 8.30 took her upstairs and took her virginity,she said it was the first time anyone had gone down on her ( not for the want of trying ) in my case. ALL the girls took there turn talking about there conquests but i was only interested in one the dirty bitch. i`ve never been as horny and think about it everytime i`m fucking her.

anyway i`ve never mentioned it but the other day we bumped into him as he lives in ireland now, jill is going there in a week for a wedding and they have arranged to meet up, i bety he fucks the living daylights out of her he is now in his 60`s but does`nt look it jill has never been off the phone and the internet chatting to him, and best of all she has`nt a clue i know