Written by Jake

20 Jul 2020

We took soft drinks with us to their room. John set the lights to low and pushed the button to close the blind. Outside there was a sofa, all the rooms had a sofa to give voyeurs a comfortable seat and a place to play. No one would be looking at us tonight. 

We picked up where we left off by the pull. John stood behind Sam and took hold of each breast. I pulled my tail off then Jan's. Lifted my cock to sit in the small of Jan's back, kissed her neck, took one breast in one hand and eased a finger into the folds of her pussy.

'I want to see your cock when you push it in. John told me.

'I want it in now.' Jan told everyone but that is not what happened.  

'On the bed I told her, ass up.' She did as she was told and I started to  finger fuck her pussy. Then parted her buttocks and began to rim her.

'You dirty tucker...but don't stop.'

I never stopped I collected lube from the bottle by the bed and worked her clit as I rimmed her. 

I looked across at as I stood up and started working my lubricated hand around her ass. Sam had her hand around John's massive cock, her other hand was behind him and I imagined what she was doing.  I pushed a finger into Jan, she gasped, then  two. 

Taking a condom and pulling it on I  told John, this was the bit he wanted to  see. I pushed in gently and pulled out. Partly to allow John to see, partly to repeat the sensation of slipping into her. I did that 5 more times before speeding up and finally cumming. When I did he pushed Sam on the bed and pushed his cock towards Sam. We both reminded him to use a condom. Instead he fucked his own wife in the ass. He never took long. 

When I fuck ass I like alot of movement,  but he seemed to pound very hard. Never the less Jan seemed to enjoy it.

Sam and I left, and spent an  hour in the staff hot tub before spending the night together in my room.

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