Written by Jake

12 Jun 2020

I was not sure why I got to be standing on this boat motoring out to sea. I remember chatting in the rooms to a couple. I remember a very interesting meeting with them. I thought they were inquisitive but the sex was great. A few months later I had a job offer, 25,000 everything found. So here I was standing on this boat straining to the island.

Finally it came into sight. Not much more than a rock with a large building. We docked on a small jetty and the captain asked everyone to follow the path luggage would be taken directly to the rooms.

I was the only one with 3 bags.

'Jake' it was the woman, Sara who I had met and offered me the job. She gave me a passionate kiss. A few looked but most walked on she was dressed in hot pants and sandals. Her tits were tanned and I remembered she had no tan line. We hung back from the rest as we walked. 'Just sit at the back of the reception talk and listen. We will sort you out after the guests are booked in.' She went ahead and I followed on with a hard cock.

Checkin was quick names and passports taken, contactless cards issued. Then we went into a room with a small stage. Jedd the man I had met was giving a welcome chat. He covered the fire drill and where to find the resident nurse. Then he explained the dress code asking Sara to come on stage. 'Staff will be in uniform while on duty. Please don't ask them for sex. All uniforms cover the pussy or cock and maybe more depending on what staff are doing.' Another woman walked on stage. She had a belt and cloth hanging over her buttocks. No tan line and no Bush. Jed went on. 'Cath is off duty, she wears the same as the guest. When off duty staff may mix with the guests and you may ask them for sex. There are pockets for condoms and lube, staff will always use condoms. The front desk is always manned if you need anything just ask or phone. If you would like help finding your room please wait here. Please enjoy your stay.'

Jed walked over to me. 'Good to see you. What do you think of the place?' He did not give me time to answer. 'Cath will show you around. We will meet tomorrow. Enjoy today no need to start work till tomorrow. '

Cath lead me down service corridor to the staff quarters. It was a large room double bed and toilet. No shower. Cath handed me a rainbow cloth just like hers. 'You can put this on, then we will go for a walk. Rainbow means you are big, that's right,yes.'

'I guess so'

She never let me put the cloth on. I was hard and she wanted it. 'I know you have been tested, we are all tested ever month. We never use condoms this side but alway, always use them when we fuck guests. Do you understand. '

'Yes' I pulled her to me and felt her pussy. It was wet and hot. On to the bed started to lick her. Her legs were wide open her hands on my head. She let me taste her tongue her I knew she was getting close.

'Up here darling, time to fuck me.' So I did, slipped my cock in her and started to bang away. Her tits rocked as I shoved my cock in and out of her. She came and I burst. Dumping my load. We lay on the bed kissing till she took me off to the shower room.

It was glass sided, surrounded by comfortable sofas. We left our clothes and stepped in. It was large and I asked what the thing in the corner was. It was some handles and a few ledges. She gripped a handheld set on one ledge and put her feet on two more. 'Its for fucking' so I did. I kept hold of the handles and kept ups steady rhythm. I was a little careful about my footing. Soon she let go of the handles and dug her nails into me. She did not put me off, nor did the two women who took seats outside. I was enjoying her when my foot slipped but I recovered and finished off, which only ment we needed another shower.

'It's a fun place you will enjoy it here."

After a few introductions Cath took me off to show me around.