Written by unknown

6 Jan 2006

I met this couple of swingers once from Wakefield and boy did we have fun = you have got to try this one if you havnt already tried it = Blacked out windows on your motor = you can buy a film for your car windows or have it fitted = this Wakefield guy Marcus spent £230 on his motor but it was large = an 8 seater MPV Totota Previa = but the fun we had in that motor was better than dogging = it was fantastic = they have bought a place in France now and I sure do miss em = High Wendy/Marcus = we had made contact as you do and we had met and done all the usual threesome stuff at their home and one day I had stayed overnight and then spent all day with them doing this that and the other then when the evening came Marcus said lets nip to the supermarket and get some barbecue stuff = so off we all went in their motor and Marcus jumped out like a shot when we got there and said leave it to me I wont be long = I went and sat in the drivers seat to chat to Wendy and when Marcus got back I had got my cock out and Wendy had been giving it a sly wank while watching out for passing shoppers = Marcus just said = you fuckers I ought to have known you would be doing something he said laughing = stay there Billy he said = you might as well drive back = later on when we were drinking our wine and eating Marcus said = you two back there at the supermarket got me thinking = there are loads of people all around at the supermarket coming and going just think if us three were parked threre where it was busy and we were fucking = I said you would be seen in less than 5 minutes = not if we had the windows blacked out we wouldnt = more and more cars now have blacked out windows = you cant see anything from the outside = Im going to look into this he said = and he did = he had his motor blacked out and couldnt wait to try his new toy = It was a red hot summers day so naturally me and Marcus was wearing just our shorts when we got into the front of his motor = then out comes Wendy with the biggest raincoat and wrap around belt that she could find in her wardrobe = a bit over dressed arnt we Wendy love I said = wait untill you see what shes nearly wearing underneath Marcus said = Marcus had already folded the seats down and placed a single matress in the back for us to lay on = we set off for the supermarket = picture the seen = Saterday afternoon 3pm = the place was heaving with cars and people = Marcus ssaid Im going to park right next to the trolley park then we will get more people when they collect and drop of their trolleys = this guy was wild = I stayed in the front while those two started things off = Wendy took of her coat and I just said WOW = she was wearing the full kit = stockings, suspenders, and peak a boo bra, all in lilac = they started off laid in the 69 position working away on each other = I had to keep on shushing them as people were only a few feet away from us = those two were sucking and licking and every now and again they would pop their head up to have a look at the shoppers all around us = Marcus was going at Wendy slowly as he darnt go too hard in case he rocked the motor = wendy let his cock slip out of her mouth so she could gasp for air while she was coming = I had to put my hand over her mouth to muffle the noise = when Wendy had had some nice comes Marcus got behind her and slid his prick into her wet and spunky pussy = they were liad like spoons so Marcus started to fuck her = slowly at first then more and more then stop to look at the shoppers all around us = just for fun I used to say quick someone is coming and instinctively the would stop and try and cover up = Billy you bastard you had us worried then said Marcus = he started to fuck her again and told me to shove my cock in wendys mouth to quieten her, and for fuck sake dont rock the motor we were both into her giving her plenty stiff cock when I saw the car park man aproaching = Marcus quite = Im not kidding this time = stop for fuck sake = we watched the guy approach and he even stared in the window = then he did nothing = nothing = he couldnt see a thing = he stacked a load of trolleys then went on his way = all clear I whispered = lets really give it to her now Billy = so I joined them in the back and we all laid on our sides with Wendy sandwhiched in betwwen us = Wendy and me were doing a 69 on each other while Marcus was at the back of her ramming his prick into her soaking wet pussy = I was liking her clit and remember thinking if Marcus slipped out of her wet pussy now he could poke my ruddy eye out with that stiff prick of his = this was wild = we were doing all this and all around us there were supermarket shoppers = I had to pull my cock out of Wendys mouth as she was sucking my knobend that hard I was dribbling spunk and on the verge of coming but I still carried on licking her soaking wet clit untill Marcus pumped his spunk into her = Id nevr done it before but I just had to clean up I was drinking both of their spunk out of Wendys pussy I turned and we both kissed her and felt her all over = it was now so hot Marcus said Im of to get some cans of coke from in there = Holy shit Marcus dont rub it in = lets quit while were ahead = to be continued = deller