Written by Jake

30 Sep 2020

When Covid hit and the island went into lock down I thought a nice quiet holiday. That was how it was looking. The guests left 2 by 2 as they went home.

Finally there were 4 couples and one man, plus the staff. Two couples were retired and the others we set up office space for. 

I have never worked as hard on the island.  The whole place got a paint job, I put new IT in, improved the camera and added more. We even had a team come in to refit the kitchen. They were not invited to party with us.

It has not all been work. Since the guests have been with us for months they were added to the STD testing program and for the first time staff shagged guests without condoms. 

Things are getting more relaxed now, most of the refit and decorating is done. The lady guests are looking for fun while their men work. The truth is with less guests and the refit finish we have a almost 24 hrs a day for sex. I don't think 2 hrs go by day or night without someone having sex and the evening most are around the pool indulging in groups of one 3,4 or 20.

I always looked forward to group fun, but now a one to one with the hotel nurse is my highlight.  

So that is what has been happening on the island.  There has been no mention of short time or redundancy.  There are lots of plans about opening again but we have no idea when. Watersports are being added by the dock and small beach.

I am looking forward with mixed feeling to reopening.  More work, less time for sex and my studies. Last evening we played a game of names in a hat. That's not my favourite game, but it soon 'degenerated' into a shag-fest.  I  woke up by the pool, others sleeping close by.

So that is how things are going here, sun, fun  and sex.