Written by Jake

21 Dec 2020

Xmas on the island. 

Life is quiet and relaxed on the island.  

There is just one couple left, the others have gone home. 5 of the staff have gone home and will not be back before any guests. 

I don't have much to do. Sometimes I  go to the mainland with Sami to pickup supplies. I keep the water plant and generator going.

Apart from that its been planning new games and sex from,  well 24 7. 

We are all looking forward to a chance to land on the mainland and get off the island. ...and we may be wishing for a few new people to bed.

I would like to tell about all the sex. There has been sex, lots of it. After nearly a year on the island with the same people its almost like being married. 

We really would like this to be over, new paying guests and a future.