It might sound clinical but it is a good idea to talk through exactly what you feel comfortable with. It probably won't go exactly to plan, but at least you are both aware of each other's limitations and/or aspirations. Only do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. You are in charge. If you enjoy it, you can always go back for more. It is your night and only you can decide what you want from the night? Think about the kind of fun you want. Are you looking for someone to "accidentally" catch you, or do you want participation from the Doggers? It is also worth having a signal or password that only you know. A way of discreetly telling your partner "I've had enough, take me home".

Since the introduction of the many swinging sites on the Internet, a lot of people are now advertising for people to meet. This does take away the "chance" element that was part of the early appeal of dogging but it can be very useful for the newer couple who may not know many locations. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss your likes and dislikes with the person before the meet and to explain the limitations you have set. You will find the smaller, more secluded locations are better for the arranged meets. You are less likely to have a ready made audience, who may also want to be involved in any little event you have arranged. Once you have a little more experience, and have more ideas of places to go, you will probably find that you don't always need to place adverts and that you know the place to visit, and probably know at least half of the cars in the car park.

It might sound an obvious question, but how well do you the know the car park you are visiting? How well do you actually know the general area? Which part is the best place to park for easy exit and also to give you a good view of who is coming and going? Why not have a "dummy" run during day light hours so you can see what the car park is like, identify all exits and the most important thing, you can ensure you know your way home afterwards.

Be Prepared - remember what they used to teach you in the boy scouts? Well it goes for dogging as well. Have you got your condoms, wet wipes, disposal bags? It is a good idea to set up a dogging bag, which can contain all your essentials, along with any toys you may want to use on the night. It is also a good idea to make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged (in case you need to phone anyone). Can you get reception on your phone?

If you are going to an "advertised" car park, you can pretty much expect that there will be others around, but these will mainly be single males rather than other couples. If it is a quieter car park, be prepared to wait, sometimes for long periods of time until a suitable dogger comes along. It may be worth taking some good music to listen to (but don't over do the car radio and end up with a flat battery) and something to drink, dogging can be a very thirsty experience.

On your final approach to the car park, it is a good idea to lock the car doors, make sure any valuables are out of sight and turn off your interior light. On some cars this automatically turns on when the engine is turned off and can be mistaken as a signal to for the doggers to make their way over to you before you have even had the opportunity to take off your seatbelt.

Upon arrival, make your way to your planned part of the car park, which hopefully, won't already have been taken. Reverse in to the parking space. Most couples and singles find it safer to reverse into the parking spaces rather than drive into it. It means you can see who is approaching the car, but it also makes it easier to leave in a hurry if things are not going to plan.

So you are in the car park, there are a couple of polite doggers stood near to their cars, just waiting for you to make a move. So how do you let them know you want them to come over? There are a number of ways you can get the attention of others in the car park and let them know you are wanting them to come over. One of the most popular ways is to turn on your interior light, which normally indicates you want to be watched and lets the others see who is in the car. Some couples also flash their headlights to get some attention, or just open the window and wait for someone to casually walk over.

Rules of Play - Whatever you decide to do, remember that YOU are in charge. YOU decide how far to go and what the rules are. However, the doggers won't know your rules, or your limitations, unless you tell them. Most doggers will not even attempt to touch or join in unless they are invited, some only want to watch and will normally let you know this, but remember there is always the chancer who may interpret an open window as an invitation to stick their arm in and have a feel. Don't be afraid to tell them exactly what you want and what they can or can't do.

It is important when you first start dogging that you talk through what has happened, talk about your feelings, what you liked or disliked and make sure you are both happy with what has happened. Having fun out dogging is nice, but your relationship with your partner is paramount. By ensuring you are both comfortable with dogging and the limitations you have set, will mean that any problems, concerns or doubts are dealt with well before they become issues. Most importantly, make sure each of you are still finding it fun. When it stops becoming fun, it is time to hang up and empty the dogging bag.